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Brandon Salieri

We are pleased to introduce handsome Brandon Salieri who is making his first ever appearance on our website. Brandon is an eye-catching boy from the Czech Republic and his lean body, firm butt and juicy uncut cock will soon be enjoying the intimate touch of another guy. Yes, Brandon is a „keeper“ and we hope you are all excited to see more of him. For now, enjoy this „first look“ gallery and get ready for more.

R***** - 04/28/2024 1:33:11 PM

A sexy, lean, toned stud.

b********* - 04/24/2024 5:44:20 PM

The only thing about Brandon that is not attractive is the stubble left in the razor's wake. Brandon, please ditch the razor!

J****** - 04/24/2024 2:47:03 AM

Absolutely hot !!! Can't wait to see him in action with the other boys !!! Please don't miss shooting many scenes with him :-))))

a***** - 04/23/2024 8:24:11 PM

Get ready for more? Are you serious? 😱😱🤩🤩 I hope that includes hardcore! ❤️❤️ But seriously, hot guy, sweet face, sexy lean body, what's not to like! Now the question is how much he enjoys anal stimulation 😁

B***** - 04/23/2024 4:27:51 PM

Beautiful guy ....... he has little ass hair, so what is the complaint!!!!!!!

l********** - 04/23/2024 12:23:16 PM

He's carved from Alabaster. Very handsome man. He is totally shaved and it suits him. Happy he stayed for more

H***** - 04/23/2024 12:00:55 PM

Just love this guy without all the hair guys. Sorry, taste difference. Don't like rimming a hairy ass!!

D********* - 04/23/2024 9:59:56 AM

Indeed Trex13, pubic- and ass hair had made him twice as beautiful and interesting. Unfortunately! Otherwise would have been a hot guy.

t***** - 04/23/2024 9:15:26 AM

Wow, the razor police are really out of control here. Poor Brandon, totally plucked.

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