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Brandon Salieri & Zane Belville

In his hardcore debut Brandon Salieri, a brand new boy, starts to explore his sexuality in front of the camera. This handsome guy meets Zane Belville on the terrace and it doesn’t take them much time to realize that there's one activity even hotter than sunbathing. After some outdoor foreplay, the couple move inside for the next stage in their friendship. Yes, Zane’s butt is now ready to take his new buddy’s dick. Sexy Brandon slides his cock inside Zane and they fuck in several positions, getting ever closer to the inevitable creamy climax.

Zane Belville
Brandon Salieri
k************* - 07/06/2024 4:48:21 PM

Looks like Brandon was advised to grow out his pubic hair, he's doing better now. It's a shame we don't get a good look at her ass.

t********* - 06/29/2024 5:27:58 AM

Zane is hideous -- glasses and never worked out, butt-white physique.

j********* - 06/29/2024 1:28:46 AM

Zane is 🔥🔥🔥! Please let him keep the glasses!!!

M*************** - 06/23/2024 12:44:04 AM

This scene was a sweet departure in style allowing us to witness their sensuous encounter almost as if they're somewhat unsure of how to unleash their desires for the other. Both boys quickly prove very adept and Zane especially craves man sex.. Both he and Brandon are hot. Ok time consider the model you're mocking MUST wear glasses, has extremely poor eyesight, is unable to wear contacts....just like my 22 yo son. You may have noticed how tightly he kept his eyes closed without them because of the sensitivity of he encounters. His lenses are also very strong and magnified. Thank God he can still get fucked.

g******* - 06/22/2024 7:44:34 AM

Lovely scene and who cares if Zane wears glasses? The opening was sexy and erotic and how nice that they didn't rush to the but when back outside, lay back smiled and held hands. The modern BA boy is not afraid to demonstrate his sexuality and that's great.

l****** - 06/22/2024 7:03:35 AM

The bottom is Harry Potter?

r*********** - 06/20/2024 2:14:37 PM

I don't comment often but I love to see Zane Belville with his geeky look. I loved the glasses and his skinny largely undeveloped body is a major hit with me. He is rocking the "nerdy boy" look with all due respect. The scene with Brandon Salieri hits all of my spots and turn-ons and I'd love to see more of Zane Belville getting fucked with any number of eligible models at Freshmen/Bel Ami. Kudos on the new models like Shane Mendes, Zane, and Hugo Carter as they add a new and fresh element to the website. Not to mention the fact that Hugo Carter is a fantastic sexualist!!! Way to go!!!

D********* - 06/19/2024 5:57:20 AM

Both boys are hot, beautiful bodies. I would also like to find Zane naked in the garden as a neighbor and give him a turn. 😍

d***** - 06/18/2024 9:01:30 PM

I LOVE Zane!!! He is so sexy. We need to see more of him. His glasses make him look kind of intellectual/nerdy (but nerdy in a sexy way). He's like someone I could really meet. He seems sweet and gentle and he has a beautiful body and cock. Show more of him PLEASE!!!

b********* - 06/18/2024 8:58:55 PM

I like both guys, great pairing! I especially like Zane's somewhat geeky vibe both with and sans the glasses. 🥰

h******* - 06/18/2024 8:51:30 PM

These guys are very appealing, love Brandon's legs and dominant nature. Zane has great physique and makes a good bottom. Looking forward to seeing more of them!

P****** - 06/18/2024 2:44:08 PM

Can't say I'm crazy about either of them. Maybe Zane would be more appealing without glasses, but Brandon is a no for me.

p***** - 06/18/2024 12:29:10 PM

Zane is quite appealing 🔥👅 but he really doesn't need his glasses to fuck 🤭

H***** - 06/18/2024 10:53:32 AM

The start of this scene with Brandon and Zane was realy hot, once inside it became boring because of the bad camera angling and that horrible boring sideway fuck. The top is hot, but again he doesn't have a butthole and he hardly gets any attention. No, no, no, that can be far more better with such cute and hot guys. What a waste!!!

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