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Bobby Kanne & Dan Hilfiger

Bobby Kanne is back in action this week, proving his skills to a lusty Dan Hilfiger. A perfect morning begins with Bobby cooking breakfast whilst Dan exercises in front of him. Bobby is fully naked which might seem a bit dangerous in the kitchen but the truth is that Dan is the real danger. His beautiful body and freshly pumped muscles are a huge turn-on for Bobby who soon forgets his hunger and starts seducing his partner. It doesn’t take long for Dan to get naked and his excitement rises quickly - by excitement we of course mean 'dick'!. Now Bobby is finally able to enjoy Dan‘s stunning body which he caresses before sucking on that hard cock. Dan then lifts his legs and invites Bobby to give some attention to his butt with the promise of an exciting reward. The amorous couple then treat us to some unchained hardcore fucking. Bobby is the first to cum, soon followed by a creamy load from Dan.

Dan Hilfiger
Bobby Kanne
m******* - 06/17/2024 8:02:44 PM

OMG.... This video is amazing hot with those 2 gorgeous guys BOBBY KANNE and DAN HILFIGER. BOBBY KANNE becomes my favorite man and he has such a hot male body, his smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his his huge uncut banana dick are so amazing hot. I like nipple play on guys and BOBBY KANNE has such hot nipples to suck on and play with. Hottest man to man encounter with DAN HILFIGER, who enjoys sucking THAT big uncut cock and getting fucked too very hard bareback in his hot ass by BOBBY KANNE. He knows how to fuck guys very hard with his huge uncut cock. Cannot wait to see both sexy and good looking guys soon in action again in another new bareback video scene at Freshman !!

F******* - 05/08/2024 11:39:05 PM

Bobby is sexy, but Dan is one of the most talented models of his generation. His body is superb; he has charisma, no modesty; he loves sex and it shows. I really appreciate that his beautiful cock is hard from the start of the scene, that he likes to be bottom with such naturalness... Bravo. But maybe our two guys could have more fun with cum in the end.

b******************* - 02/07/2024 6:49:52 AM

Yesss, love both Dan and Bobby!

R***** - 02/05/2024 9:26:51 PM

Dan is a gorgeous, sexy stud; and hunky Bobby looks so tall next to him; with his lean, long legs. Dan looks so sexy being fucked by Bobby; then getting his hole creamed. Dan also shoots a tasty load of cum over Bobby’s tongue. I loved seeing Bobby sucking Dan’s cum covered, sensitive cock; than sharing a taste with a creamy kiss .

J********* - 11/12/2023 8:27:33 PM

Solid scene, but both seem a little stiff and rehearsed, but still the best out there in porn studios! Stunning photography and good editing. Just needed a bit more natural feeling spice and spontaneity. But it was great to watch this scene!!

S****** - 11/12/2023 7:28:04 PM

Bobby Kanne is such a stunningly gorgeous and sexy hunk of a man. Those eyes, that beard, that smile, that tall muscled body, that beautiful cock. I hope we get to see him in hard action many many more times. Pairing him with Bart Cuban would be awesome.

g******* - 11/10/2023 11:47:40 PM

Bobby is such a hunk and Dan so beautiful. Good fuck.

J****** - 11/09/2023 1:05:28 AM

not for me - sorry. Bobby does nothing to me ...

2***** - 11/07/2023 11:43:11 PM

Bobby is amazing! So masculine, so handsome, the perfect top! 🌹🌹

b********* - 11/07/2023 8:24:04 PM

I like Bobby's dark good looks, beard and cleft chin included, as well as his long, tall legs! : )

P****** - 11/07/2023 1:31:23 PM

Worth seeing for the lovely Dan. Bobby does not attract me. Maybe if he shaved? Or worked on his knife skills? Meanwhile those eggs are getting cold . . . . .

a***** - 11/07/2023 9:58:28 AM

Good to see Bobby again though I wish so bad to see him bottom. It would be hot also to see him eat that load he so diligently milks out.

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