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Bobby Kanne & Bruce Harrelson

Bruce Harrelson and Bobby Kanne wake up naked in the morning beside each other. The two boys get closer as they enjoy a lovely coffee and a stroll in the park. When they get home the intimacy between them only intensifies. They slowly undress each other and kiss, their cocks hardening until they exchange mutual blowjobs. Bruce’s desire to get fucked sends him almost crazy, especially when Bobby starts to rim his ass. Bruce stays on all fours as Bobby slowly slides in his cock. He enjoys every inch! Bobby is an amazing lover who brings his sexy partner to climax and then shoots a massive load over his balls. We hope you will enjoy this first hardcore video from the irresistible Bobby Kanne.

Bruce Harrelson
Bobby Kanne
b******* - 03/16/2024 7:48:11 PM

Bobbys Brustwarzen sind so geil, ich würde stundenlang daran saugen!

N****** - 01/23/2024 2:35:15 AM

Lukewarm scene with a 'by-the-numbers' feel - maybe it's the editing, but it feels like '2 minutes in position 1, then 2 minutes in position 2, etc.' and as others have noted, not a lot of penetration.

M****** - 01/16/2024 2:25:56 AM

Bobby is beautiful with dreamy eyes. Wonderful body, too. I'd like to see him fuck more deeply and with more power on some of the thrusts.

t********* - 10/23/2023 1:34:10 PM

Bobby is gorgeous,except his tattooed back and neck

A****** - 10/17/2023 10:31:35 AM

Hot couple. Bobby is a hunk!

t***** - 10/15/2023 9:21:36 AM

Great scene.

S****** - 10/14/2023 7:31:30 PM

Bobby is a bearded beauty. I love him. That face, those eyes, that sexy beard, that delicious body. Awesome. I don't think there was REAL penetration in this fuck scene. Looked like Bobby's cock was just fucking the outside of Bruce's hole.

b********* - 10/14/2023 12:47:13 PM

Please at least bring back Freddy - quintessential Freshman hottie to be dominated by these beautiful MEN so this fits ‘Freshmen’. That would empty every viewers ball sack.

G******* - 10/13/2023 10:56:34 PM

We loved this scene. Hot guys,! Bobby is a real find, Bruce is great as always (love how his face shows how much he loves it).

M********* - 10/12/2023 10:14:04 PM

I find Bruce and Bobby very hot and goodlooking lovers. The sexplay is pretty sexy and lustful, orgasms very enjoyable and make lust for moore of this two guys.

D******* - 10/12/2023 10:45:12 AM

Excellent scene. Thank you ! Never mind all the negative comments. Chaqu'un a son gout.

t********* - 10/12/2023 8:53:50 AM

BOBBY KANE'S NIPPLES ARE BY FAR THE HOTTEST PART OF THIS VIDEO! Bobby really need to grow his hair out, including the sides of his hair but he should shave the damn beard. The kissing in thisd video is TERRIBLE!! Both boys needs Adam or Kevin to teach them how to kiss with tongues!! Lastly, Bruce de4sperately needs a very deep tan, PLEASE SHAVE ALL THAT DAMN LEGS HAIR and he needs to become MUCH MORE PASSIONATE AND REALLY IMMERSE HIMSELF IN THE SEX AND PASSION!

J****** - 10/12/2023 2:22:27 AM

Sorry, but Bobby Kanne is terrible for me. Not a type for BelAmi. If these type of guys are the new standard here, that'd be a reason to cancel.

d***** - 10/11/2023 3:12:22 PM

I would prefer to see freshmen on this "Freshmen" site...

J******* - 10/11/2023 9:39:07 AM

I could do without the tatts on Bobby. He is too cute to be messing up his body with ink. Bruce is a cute little mate.

h******* - 10/11/2023 4:22:47 AM

thank god, a beautiful beard, can you please show more hair on here, these guys are beautiful and should be shown with their natural beauty.

s******* - 10/11/2023 12:47:42 AM

I hope to see Bobby Kanne paired with a better performer than the lame Bruce Harrelson. I'm sure he'll stand out much more.

b********* - 10/10/2023 6:02:43 PM

Both of these gentlemen are beautiful, and I love Bobby's beard. Men have facial hair, chest hair, etc. Thanks for putting them together in a scene.

g******* - 10/10/2023 2:53:08 PM

Bobby is so gorgeous!

J******** - 10/10/2023 2:21:33 PM

Ich mag Bild 19 wenn er dir nach dem Abspritzen noch steht wie 'ne Eins!

a***** - 10/10/2023 10:52:04 AM

Finally, it's here! Can't wait to watch Bobby's interview and see how much he enjoys getting fucked!

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