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Bobby Kanne

It is with the greatest pleasure that we can finally introduce you to future superstar Bobby Kanne.

Bobby is 23 years old and comes from the Slovak/Hungarian border. This mature-looking boy is a professional soccer player who loves all kinds of sport, good food and having fun with his friends. We are so happy Bobby became part of our core team as his cheerful personality is really great to have around.

You’ll soon see Bobby in hardcore action but for now you can enjoy this first photo set.

m******* - 07/07/2024 12:34:09 AM

OMG what a nice foto's.... Handsome BOBBY KANNE is such a hot guy and my favorite man. His hot nude male body, his perky and sensitive nipples and his huge uncut banana cock and big hanging balls are so amazing hot to watch. Like to watch how he strokes his huge uncut cock while touching and playing with his big nipples and fingering his hot male ass too. He enjoy playing with his big hanging balls too. He is an amazing good looking guy with such a hot male body and hope to see him soon back in a hot bareback scene with other hot Bel Ami and Freshman guys.

b******* - 03/16/2024 8:11:46 PM

Bild 9: Das sieht so einladend aus-man möchte in dieses schöne Loch tief eindringen!

b******** - 10/22/2023 4:58:17 PM

I just finished a message on Freshmen discussion, before reading all the comments below. I am glad the majority are positive. My sentiments on comments were detailed in my message, and I see that there is one below from JASJAMES. that is similar to mine. Bobby Kanne is a winner!

M********* - 10/12/2023 10:38:54 PM

I think Bobby is an eye-catcher, beautyful body, winning smile on his face, his nipples are heavenly. I love his long legs and his pretty bum, his dick looks very good if it hanging or if erected. If I had a wich, I wich him with moore hair above his genitals and between his cheeks. Good luck, Bobby!

p********* - 09/27/2023 12:32:59 AM

On top of that perfect physique, he has a killer smile that accentuates his youth and beauty. I'm sure he knows what to do with that long, lovely dick. I look forward to seeing him in action.

f*********** - 08/23/2023 2:49:20 PM

what a hottie !!!

H******* - 08/21/2023 11:40:51 PM

Thin dick, the tattoo on his back turns off. Let him go.

t******* - 08/21/2023 9:00:31 PM

An emphatic hell yes from me! I hope Bobby is willing to spread his ass cheeks when a hard cock comes poking around. I think the beard looks really good on him, and I certainly don't mind the tats. To each his on and in no way does it take away from the complete package on Bobby or any other guy. I sometimes agree that a few have gotten a little carried away with the ink and choices. Se la vie.

H********* - 08/20/2023 8:02:26 PM

And let him grow a little chest hair and leg hair. The super smooth look doesn't work for this guy. Would love to see some hair right between those great pecs. And I agree with the other comments about tattoos. They just don't work.

R***** - 08/20/2023 7:11:48 PM

Bobby is a gorgeous ,sexy, young hunk; with a beautiful smile & hot body. I love his sexy pits; amazing nipples & muscular ass. His cock is so suckable both soft & hard and I love his shaved pubes.. Great shots of Bobby spreading his butt cheeks to reveal his furry, fuckable asshole. I can't wait to see gorgeous Bobby in action; hopefully being fucked as well as fucking.

h******** - 08/20/2023 5:53:27 PM

Bobby is super-sexy, super-gorgeous, super-cure, super-handsome... Those eyes go so well with that sexy facial hair! Don't let him get away.

S****** - 08/20/2023 10:17:10 AM

Bobby is beautiful and sexy and hunky and GORGEOUS!!!! 💕 💕 The deliciously sexy beard and baby brown eyes make me swoon.💕 💕 💕 What a stud! I love him. 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

J******* - 08/20/2023 3:00:27 AM

"freshman - noun - a first-year student at a university, college, or high school. similar - newcomer, new recruit". - Oxford Languages (online version of Oxford Dictionary) Since he is a new recruit, he is freshman material. Freshmen are not necessarily twinks. Personally, I prefer models/performers who have left adolescence behind (which, physiologically, indicates 25 years or older).

c*********** - 08/20/2023 12:46:07 AM

Truly a beautiful man who I am excited to see in action. The scruffy beard is great. The tattoos really are unfortunate, but as long as we keep looking at his front rather than his back, I'll be OK. I'd love to see someone like Viggo Sorensen or Yannis Paluan or Ian Roebuck sucking on Bobby's toes and worshipping his feet... and vice versa. Please make that happen...

J******* - 08/18/2023 7:21:04 AM

Bobby Kanne is perhaps the hottest guy my eyes have ever seen! Like all tattoos, I'm dissapointed to see his beautiful body covered with graffiti. It makes me cry. I could sadly never enjoy watching a movie with him and that nasty ink all over his back.

b********** - 08/18/2023 1:16:05 AM

Kind of looks like Philippe Gaudin. BUT.... beards and back tattoos = NOT freshman material. This update across the board is disappointing.

G******* - 08/17/2023 4:59:58 PM

Awesome. Wonder what makes him a Freshman, but we're not complaining. Love to see him plow some twinks here.

e****** - 08/17/2023 12:33:58 AM

Looks promising. But NO beards on any of your models, please!

d******* - 08/16/2023 11:05:29 PM

Okay if you like whiskers.

b********* - 08/16/2023 3:55:41 PM

Bobby is beautiful, I'm especially a fan of his beard and long, elegant legs. Now, let's see him with the full panoply of his natural body hair next time!

t********* - 08/16/2023 9:47:43 AM

I LOVE Bobby’s KILLER NIPPLES!! His ass is sweet, too! He probably would be more handsome without that damn beard and I hope he is barred from getting ANY OTHER ugly-ass tattoos!!

6****** - 08/16/2023 8:11:29 AM

Gorgeous. Plus his 2 day beard highlights that beautiful smile. A definite keeper!

g******* - 08/16/2023 1:53:54 AM

Love the body, beard, smile, ass and cock. Hope he has a personality to go with it!

t****** - 08/15/2023 11:41:38 PM

come on, Bobby deserves more than just 4*. From me he gets 5* and 12 eurovision points :) Look forward to watching him in action.

s******* - 08/15/2023 9:59:55 PM

Love his smile, his body, his beard his...everything! 5 stars from me!

a***** - 08/15/2023 7:51:00 PM

I'm super happy to finally see Bobby! Can't wait to see how his cheerful personality is going to be shown here. So glad to see his sweet smile, him naked, nice body, big nipples, the back tatts, and certainly that ass hole spread open. 🔥🔥🔥 I'm excited to hear he's in the core team and I can't wait to actually see him in hardcore action!

t****** - 08/15/2023 6:46:36 PM

Handsome, well fit = 4 stars, shows hairy asshole = 5 stars :)

c****** - 08/15/2023 5:19:26 PM

I agree the majority of the comments. This guy is gorgeous but he must let grow out his pubes. And the chest hair if it exists.

s********* - 08/15/2023 4:34:44 PM

Such a hot man! Grow back that hair though. (:

g******* - 08/15/2023 3:02:12 PM

OMG he's absolutely gorgeous...pls bring him back soooooon

P****** - 08/15/2023 2:52:02 PM

Pubes can grow back. But why that god-awful tattoo?

J****** - 08/15/2023 2:10:36 PM

Sorry - absolutely not for me!!!!!!!!!! Where are the wonderful other boys, we get to see over months? I want to see these other boys in action !!!!!!!!!!!

g****** - 08/15/2023 2:03:48 PM

Cant wait to see him in ACTION!!!

w********* - 08/15/2023 1:51:56 PM

Beautifully Perfect!

t****** - 08/15/2023 1:45:58 PM

He is very hot! But as others have said, why shave his pubes??

e********* - 08/15/2023 10:55:02 AM

I luv it!

g******** - 08/15/2023 9:38:07 AM

Finally! 😍 been waiting for Bobby's debut for ages! Can't wait for more

t***** - 08/15/2023 9:10:15 AM

The person who shaved Bobby needs to be arrested.

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