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Bob Marghiela & Charlie Bogard

This is Bob Marghiela’s grand introduction.  Charlie Bogard made for an ideal partner as both are great performers with nice dicks. As with Rene, your comments will be the deciding factor as to whether he stays with us or not.

Charlie Bogard
Bob Marghiela
r******* - 01/19/2024 3:39:47 PM

Two very nice models. Bob seems to be the more popular, For me, I would have liked to take a long time rimming Charlie's sweet ass. Just that he particularly turns me on. One of the sweetest models of all time. Tasty looking butt for me!!!

t********* - 12/28/2022 6:48:01 PM

Charlie !!!

D************* - 08/25/2021 3:48:23 AM

Bob Marghiela is just so handsome and sexy. I love his short haircut he has in this film. It brings out his facial features. Bob has a beautiful nose and succulent lips. I only wish he would open his eyes more often. I love Bob and wish he would come back to do some more sex scenes with BelAmi/Freshmen.

R****** - 09/04/2020 5:11:02 PM

Charlie gets an awesomely hot blow job and balls sucked by Bob. Super HOT ! But Bob has a much better cum shot than Charlie did.

h********* - 06/07/2018 11:09:29 PM

Bob is a hell of a power bottom. What a hunk. Body, hard cock, beautiful lips, and legs, crotch, and ass to die for. Too bad all that cum was wasted.

m******* - 01/02/2018 10:04:06 PM

Bob Marghiela is 1 of my favorite guys at Freshman, his smooth body and man nipples are so amazing hot, love that huge cock too...his man boner is really HUGE. Further he is a hot bottom too for Charlie Bogard, which is also very huge, his cock is huge too.... Bob come back soon on stage, love you !!

D******* - 11/18/2017 11:41:38 PM

Bob is very cute, very much a keeper; I have always found Charlie one of the sexiest guys in the BelAmi/Freshman roster. He just exudes sex appeal and is a stealthily hot performer. I'd like to see more of both, but especially Charlie.

W***** - 03/19/2017 3:27:04 PM

Bob is hot, best! Fly!!! Great sex machine!

c******** - 02/26/2017 10:36:36 AM

Bob is a definite keeper - but Charlie? - maybe not so much!

j***** - 02/24/2017 12:14:22 PM

Bob is a keeper. Love the pubes and just enough hair on the ass.

c********* - 02/20/2017 2:02:47 AM

Yes, please do keep Bob, who has so much to offer including real enjoyment of what Charlie offers -- and Charlie is a real winner in every way. So this a super partnership.

D******* - 02/18/2017 10:17:00 AM

Bob *****

P****** - 02/17/2017 5:09:42 AM

Bob. Wow amazing everything.

r********** - 02/16/2017 11:31:36 PM

Amazing !!! I want more please !!!!

g******* - 02/14/2017 10:14:12 PM

Great scene. Charlie is sexy, cheeky spunk and Bob is a winner and finished with a spectacular cum.

r******* - 02/14/2017 9:59:29 AM

seriously keep Bob. he's amazing.

p******* - 02/13/2017 6:19:43 PM

Bob is an incredibly hot muscle stud and must be kept at all costs, but have him top, as he should have in this scene. And move him over to your main BA site.

N******** - 02/13/2017 5:48:00 PM

I wasn't sure about Bob from his photos but I was very impressed by him in this scene - a real hunk with fabulous equipment (although further manscaping would improve the view - why hide those fine balls in the undergrowth?). We must have more of Bob! On the other hand, Charlie leaves me cold, clearly not BA standard in the looks department and his performance here is very dull.

x******* - 02/13/2017 9:09:25 AM

Gotta love a scene that ends with two beautiful guys....with still-hard dicks swinging!! Bob's perfect, definitely worth a keep!!

a***** - 02/12/2017 10:10:17 AM

GREAT scene! I love Bob, please, keep him around.

t****** - 02/11/2017 2:28:10 PM

I would have said No to Bob, until the amazing cumshot. Now he is a "maybe"

S******* - 02/10/2017 4:10:51 PM

Remember my words, guys, - if Bob stays, he'll move all the recent brightest versatile stars of BA, for he's not a bottom, - he's a natural born ingenious versatile, made for gay sex a bird - for flying. :)))))))))))

d***** - 02/10/2017 5:19:21 AM

Bob must come back. He and Charlie made this a superb video. They are both stunning.

m*************** - 02/10/2017 4:39:46 AM

KEEP BOB! He's beautiful, and as it is, he already knows how to take in the pleasure and share it to others. Please keep Bob!

s****** - 02/10/2017 3:25:17 AM

Very sexy scene ! But still no FINGERING ! Why ?

g********* - 02/09/2017 11:43:03 PM

Bob is OK; I do not at all like Charlie though....sorry

H******* - 02/09/2017 5:24:31 AM

Bob is super sexy! I like his furriness. I think he's now my second favorite after Adam

J****** - 02/08/2017 6:51:13 PM

I cannot find anything to criticize about Bob. He is just right - neither too slender nor over developed. Thankfully both boys are free of tattoos! I could go wild licking and sucking his naturally hairy nuts. Please leave him just the way nature made him. His dick is a very delicious size and beautifully shaped. Can't wait to see him topping. He is a tender, enthusiastic and generous lover. The only thing that might have made the scene hotter would have been some semen swallowing.

p***** - 02/08/2017 3:52:13 PM

Bob is a nice surprise with a hot body & lots of personality (Rene Ferri could take some bottoming lessons from him). He will make an excellent addition to the BA stable of athletic colts. With his sloe eyes, lithe body & beautiful long, straight cock Charlie really is a dream boat. I wish he hadn't violated his contract.

r***** - 02/08/2017 1:59:19 PM

Handsome lad, great body especially that hunky chest, nice cock and great orgasm. I'd love to suck on his nipples. He took a big cock like a trooper.

S********* - 02/08/2017 12:08:47 PM

Good job Bob, really like him. Please do not shave him.

t********* - 02/08/2017 10:45:07 AM

I agreed TOTALLY with otrebor -- It would have been MUCH better if Charlie had continued to fuck BOB UNTIL BOB CAME IN THAT EXTRAORDINARILY EXPLOSIVE CUM SHOT, not for Charlie to selfishly pull out and jerk off to meet his needs unconcerned about Bob. Notwithstanding, Bob saved the scene with his monster cum shot. Would like to see so much more of Bob!!! His chest, nipples, lips & butt are BEAUTIFUL!!!

o****** - 02/08/2017 6:56:22 AM

Well, a little bit disappointed. First I'm not Charlie! Though I recognize he has some qualities. Then love sexy and sexual Bob! But don't like at all his new haircut! A pity! Look at the difference on the banner. Filming is irregular! Pleasant beginning, good preliminaries, chemistry but what are doing the cameramen during the first penetration? Happily we have a re-entry but it would be better if Bob got coming while fucked! But his cum shot is grandiose! Gorgeous and good performer, Keep Him Please! But change his hairstyle! 5 - *

r******** - 02/08/2017 6:16:52 AM

LOVE Bob's furry legs and ass- please don't ever shave him down! There's something about him that reminds me of a cross between Matt Phillipe and Marcel Gassion and that is a good thing. More please!

j****** - 02/08/2017 4:33:22 AM

I like bobs body. I prefer i bit more shaving

F*********** - 02/08/2017 1:59:29 AM

I believe Bob is your new Star. He is magnificent. Please don't shave him.

r***** - 02/08/2017 1:56:25 AM

Bob is great. Keep him and maintain him. He is very talented. I would like to see more of him. and he is an excellent partner for Charlie. Not the classical freshman, but young enough for a huge sex appeal.

A********** - 02/08/2017 12:50:10 AM

Awesome: both are fantastic. and 100 stars to Bob Marghiela ..... please keep him...... very very very much hot.

p******** - 02/08/2017 12:13:26 AM

Of course Bob stays!!! I was rather neutral to him before this scene, but I am now a big fan. He is SEXY!!! Charlie is a sexy little guy as well. I've always enjoyed Charlie, but you must keep Bob!!! ***** :)

v********* - 02/07/2017 10:56:53 PM

First, I am a fan of Charlie. That said, super sexy, Bob owned this scene from the pushing in the mirror to the aggressive kissing. After warming Charlie up he led him right into great oral and then just outright giving Charlie a ride to remember. He was IMO more into Charlie than Charlie was into him. The cum shot was ample proof that Bob enjoyed this very much. I love his fur from his ankles up to and around that gorgeous butt to the middle of his pecs, awesome. Another more masculine man with great potential I think. I'll bet your tops would fight for a chance with him and I am guessing he would be a caring yet aggressive top as well. Keeper in my book. 50 stars for Bob & some for Charlie as well.

m********** - 02/07/2017 9:26:29 PM

So happy to see Charlie back! What an awesome scene, so incredibly hot.

g********* - 02/07/2017 8:19:02 PM

Bob has a great body,, an expressive face, an attractive personality, and enjoys bottoming. Charlie may be a very naughty boy, but he's a fine top and they have good chemistry and hot action in this fine pairing.

w************* - 02/07/2017 7:07:07 PM

I was expecting a lot of this scene with Bob Marghiela, and I was not disappointed! (Except for the new hair cut; whose bad idea was that?) Bob has a beautiful body, great hairy legs, nice pubs and a lightly furry ass, just like Dolf. Too bad some don't like that, but don't wreck it like you did with his hair cut! He is a good performer, who really gets into it and seems to enjoy himself. He seems to have lots of confidence, as well. Bob Marghiela is a KEEPER! He may not be a classic beauty, but he is SEXY.

s********* - 02/07/2017 7:06:10 PM

LOVE Bob's hairy ass and groin! He's a keeper as far as I'm concerned!

J****** - 02/07/2017 3:51:41 PM

Gardez Bob je ne doute pas de ses compétences. Il est chaud un corps de rêve et fesses velues, agréable a regarder et tir de sperme génial oui, les deux gars délicieux.

H***** - 02/07/2017 3:46:39 PM

Without all the hair on Bob's ass and balls it would have been a hot scene, right now it is less, therefore 4 stars.

P****** - 02/07/2017 2:28:59 PM

Stay, Bob, stay! Obviously comments are divided, but I'm 100% with ghelderode07. Grand introduction indeed.

M********* - 02/07/2017 12:33:41 PM

Bob has a beautiful 8-pak chest and his cum shooting all over it was sizzling! To watch Charlie jerk him off while simultaneously fucking Bob's ass certainly contributed to global warming! Just wish that Charlie's grand entry into Bob's ass had not been edited out. Would have loved to see (and hear) Bob's eyes as Charlie's THICK cock made its entry and heard the sound of Charlie's delight as it found its home. Also what happened? Such little kissing while fucking?

s******** - 02/07/2017 12:16:59 PM

relentless lowkey so delicious.

m***** - 02/07/2017 11:07:51 AM

I really like Charlie. Bob is very nice, but for me there are other guys to look forward to.

g*********** - 02/07/2017 10:49:21 AM

OMG! I'm totally in love with Bob. He might look a bit coarse at first with his thick lips and big nose, but oh my he is super sexy. Permanently searching for the eyes of his partner (and the viewer of course), he's oozing power and strength with every inch of his perfect body. And don't forget about his first class cum shots. I'm definitely in love... and btw, could you really tell here whose introduction this scene was? Brilliant Bob!!!

s***** - 02/07/2017 10:27:09 AM

I really like Charlie. Charlie has such a naughty, kinky face which adds to his curious demeaner. However, I don't like Bobby that much.

a********* - 02/07/2017 9:47:42 AM


r*********** - 02/07/2017 9:38:40 AM

My word, hasn't Bob got a wonderful piece of equipment? And how well he uses it. I've felt in the past couple of presentations, the more experienced model has dominated the scene - but here Bob is very much the equal of Charlie - who's a cutie pie if ever there were. What a wonderful ass our Bob has, and how well he uses it.

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