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Bob Coogler & Tommy Clapton

Tommy Clapton wakes up next to his boyfriend Bob Coogler and after making coffee, gently wakes up Bob and invites him to the terrace to enjoy the sunny Prague morning. After hearing about his boyfriend’s erotic dream, Bob suggests they go back to bed. Bob kneels down in front of his dreamboy and starts sucking his dick. Tommy enjoys the deep blowjob before deepthroating Bob in return. Before long, Tommy is inside Bob’s ass, deep bareback fucking him. The lovemaking speeds up until they climax at the same time. What a lovely start to the morning!

Tommy Clapton
Bob Coogler
M****** - 01/13/2024 5:28:03 PM

I love wakeup sex scenes like this. Wonderful chemistry between these two. So much kissing -- even some tongue. A challenge to shoot with such strong backlight from the windows, but this looks fantastic. I love a missionary finale. Here we see Bob go to his back to receive Tommy again; there might have been a pause there, a chance for Tommy to catch his breath and enjoy the view of Bob spread wide for him before penetrating. The tempo picked up there and felt a little rushed; Tommy might have mixed up his thrusting technique a bit, sometimes going very deep and staying there, his pubes grinding against Bob's. I loved the breaks Tommy took to lean in for more kisses, though, as he fucked his buddy.

R***** - 10/02/2023 5:17:17 PM

Sexy Tommy & Bob look fantastic together. They both have gorgeous butt cheeks. and I love seeing their soft cocks as they chat.; before sucking each other until fully erect.. After the slow & sensual love making; Tommy really picked up the pace to pound Bob util they both shot their creamy cum loads. I loved seeing Tommy Slurping up the thick strand of cum dripping from Bob's cock.

e*********** - 09/23/2023 2:53:45 AM

They made love. It was very romantic and hot.

M********* - 09/10/2023 6:57:42 PM

Hot as hell this two showing all of their lusty sex-life. Wow!

e********* - 09/09/2023 6:11:24 PM

Great scene and very romantic. Loved seeing Tommy walking around and making the coffee at the start, so cute. Tommy & Bob are so good together, great connection.

g******* - 09/04/2023 1:24:15 AM

A genuine Freshmen scene! They are so sweet together and I loved just watching Tommy wandering around naked making coffee. Bob is a worthy lover and he loved Tommy's huge cockhead. Great orgasms and some cum-eating ended a very loving scene - well done guys!

d***** - 09/03/2023 4:53:22 PM

Tommy is a real find; he is an attentive, ardent lover, eminently watchable. In fact, it's hard to take your eyes off him; the camera seems to love him. Can't wait to see this exceptional Romeo again. Excellent scene.

J****** - 09/01/2023 4:16:07 PM

Rarement vu une scène aussi torride entre deux beaux gars aussi sexy. Je ne me lasserais pas de les regarder!

J****** - 08/30/2023 1:03:28 AM

Hot scene with two new Guys, Bravo!!!

n***** - 08/30/2023 12:32:00 AM

Super HOT!!!! Well done GD!

R***** - 08/29/2023 5:49:59 PM

Great scene

C******* - 08/29/2023 5:34:41 PM

So hot! Tommy is one of the hottest models on here and that means something!

d******* - 08/29/2023 3:02:12 PM

This scene was wonderful as Tommy really enjoyed making the dream come true. Tommy so sexy and loving too as Bob really enjoys getting fucked in the ass and Tommy's sweet kisses. 😎😎😎😎

P****** - 08/29/2023 2:33:57 PM

These two were active on Chat for some time as a couple. I'm more a Tommy fan but I like both.

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