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Blake Mitchell & Yannis Paluan

Though this is our second scene, we suspect that this will be the first click for most of you. This is because the “Guest Star” for this scene is porn superstar Blake Mitchell. Our original intent was to have the entire Blake Mitchell series on BelAmiOnline. We decided it would be wrong to deprive our Freshmen fanatics a taste of Blake, so we scheduled this scene with Yannis. The scene begins with an extensive outdoor workout session. This will be live on BelAmi soon. Afterwards, the guys decide to take a shower. It might seem strange that Blake is showering with his glasses on. Blake’s choice was wearing them in the shower or missing out on seeing Yannis’ perfect sexy body and supple ass wet and glistening from the water. What would you do? We suspect that Yannis would have preferred to top. Sadly, Yannis didn’t get what he wanted. Happily, judging by the copious amount of cum Blake’s thick uncut cock power-fucked out of him, he certainly got what he needed. Those who wish to see more of Blake may do so at BelAmiOnline.

Yannis Paluan
Blake Mitchell
e****** - 08/17/2023 1:22:09 PM

Yannis body is amazing. No glasses in sex scenes please! Looks weird.

j********* - 03/19/2023 7:10:05 PM

If only you'd kept this to BAOL and left us with younger, slimmer, more attractive guys. Yuk! Two completely over-worked bodies. I never liked Blake when I was a subscriber to his first website. (I don't like guys who don't both give and take on websites... It's selfish and it denies the viewer a chance to fulfil their fantasies both ways. (This is also one of the reasons that I also have no time for Adam.) Guys who are this muscle-bound should just not be on Freshmen. If you look like this and you're a Freshman then you're starting college 4 or 5 years too late! Also, I've not been with loads of guys, but I've never met one who doesn't take his glasses off when doing saucy things! Zero stars.

n******* - 11/21/2021 7:45:20 AM

Two really hot guys with beautiful cocks and bodies. I fell in love with Yannis

M****** - 12/03/2020 1:20:45 AM

I was surprised that my favorite part of the scene was the erotic touching and foreplay in the shower. The consummation was good -- no complaints. I expected to see the power top Blake really fill up Yannis with that giant cock where instead he reverted to the BA "fuck fast as you can" approach. Still very good.

d******* - 11/16/2020 6:16:48 PM

Two very sexy young men meet and screw plus kiss.

n****** - 09/15/2020 2:53:27 PM

I like Blake's thick "forest".

P********* - 06/05/2020 10:20:33 PM

A million stars!

d***** - 02/23/2020 3:11:04 PM

Very hot. Beautiful boys and extreme cum shots show their excitement.

a******* - 02/15/2020 5:52:41 PM

boring, boring boring - stop shaving their body hair

o***** - 01/04/2020 1:59:53 AM

Holy shit that was pretty hot! Loved Yannis' coming while being fucked, and Blake is really very cute and hot too, and I thought he was very sexy to watch fucking. They had decent chemistry too which isn't always there in porn. 5 star! Blake has a sweet ass!

a********* - 12/16/2019 1:40:09 PM

Superb, think guys ... incredibly I can even like Blake in this video! Good job, everyone!

p******* - 12/16/2019 7:32:06 AM

It was my first click ... but Yannis was the reasen. He is a "first click with any partner - and combined with sweet sexy Blake who is a long time "first click" at Helix for me ... - well lets say: this scene made my day.

c***** - 12/08/2019 9:55:06 PM

Ok, Blake has grown on me, I see the appeal. As a result of this scene I found myself wanting more of him. ( Still did not like glasses in the shower ) but, I found him to be quite attractive with or without them. This was a 5 ***** scene for me for both Blake and Yannis. ALSO agree with mrtr69 PLEASE let Adam do a flip flop with Yannis or anyone, when was the last time Adam bottomed?.....

V************ - 12/06/2019 4:27:49 PM

Somewhat enjoyable scene for me though I found the kissing extremely superficial, upper lip, lower lip kissing only. This seems to be shot in the same house as Blakes' scene with Sven on BA and once again we have the models moving from one location in the house without transition or explanation, which is a little weird but not as extreme here as in the scene with Sven. RE tobdogs comment about contacts, not everyone can wear contacts. I did like the full rear viw of Blake fucking Yannis and his cum shot was great. Also liked that he licked his own cum from Yannis' face.

m******** - 12/05/2019 11:49:20 PM

Blake with his big bush and glasses are so hot in my opinion. Great present, thank you forever. Yannis you got a new fan too.

g******* - 12/05/2019 11:14:21 PM

Feating on lovely bodies exercising, beautiful butts being soaped in the shower then a fantastic fuck with explosive cumshots - especially Blake. Love it.

R************ - 12/05/2019 3:39:08 PM

Per un segaiolo come me questo video è fantastico!!

a***** - 12/05/2019 11:47:06 AM

OUTSTANDING scene! Love Yannis and especially, Blake! I can't wait to see more scenes of both models.

t***** - 12/05/2019 7:58:55 AM

Great scene, I think this will be a classic scene. Orgasms were great. Blake is yet another just a right American that Bel Ami have chosen to work with our boys.

D********** - 12/05/2019 7:02:07 AM

Awesome video! The cameraman should win an Oscar for all the great angles. You guys who nitpick and complain about glasses and other stuff should shut up.

w****** - 12/04/2019 10:04:13 PM

An excellent scene. I particularly liked the ending, especially when Blake managed to spray both Yannis' mouth and ass before re-entry. Yannis is rapidly growing on me and I was an early recruit to the Blake fan club. I notice that Yannis has a particularly thick cock, in keeping with the rest of his muscular build. Does he have a special exercise regime for keeping it bulked up?

h********** - 12/04/2019 9:02:33 PM

I like Blake, I like his smile, his tattoo, his glasses and his athletic body. The pairing with Yanis is great. These two boys give us an amazing show.

s******** - 12/04/2019 7:01:55 PM

a serious 5! this is a hot video with 2 hot super models ... and that includes the hot glasses

I****** - 12/04/2019 11:47:28 AM

Noting that EVERY time an American shows up there's a contingent of negativity is not a "conspiracy theory" its observation. It's not just Blake and Mick (your comments on him defy reality, not just rationality) but every American. In fact you'll even have commentators expressly lamenting BA using American models. If you can show me ONE exception where an American wasn't lambasted, I'll happily take it back.

r*********** - 12/04/2019 8:47:17 AM

Oh God, here we go again with this conspiracy theorist driving his anti-American twaddle.  I was earlier thinking that this guy is SO VASTLY MUCH BETTER than the Lovell lump ever was - with his gross, two-tone cock and acres of undefined abdomen, and here you pop up, on cue, with your dark crap. "American" has ZERO to do with it. Get real! Blake is STUNNING (yes, his uncut cock helps) but he is exquisitely constructed in every respect - unlike Lovell. I love the way he talks, tattoo, walks, his bum, his cock and what he does with it. Unlike Lovell. American had NOTHING to do with it. As I wrote yesterday, before this you grumbled up your predictability, "this scene warrants a whole heap of praise. Those bodies and their bums especially are to die for. Both. Smackable in the extreme. This scene will be a classic against which others will be measured as they attempt to shape up to this.."

S****** - 12/04/2019 12:02:24 AM

Omg - Yannis is a SEXY muscle GOD - totally love watching him work out. He is GORGEOUS!! Blake's glasses in the shower is ridiculous - but who cares? He does a great job fucking with that gorgeous cock of his.

b***** - 12/03/2019 9:37:55 PM

This by far is the most agreeable episode in the AIP series so it is probably right it is on Freshmen and not on the main site. Still three stars only I am afraid.

x****** - 12/03/2019 7:36:45 PM

Yannis is truly the Super Star here, not Blake! I don't care how many scenes he's done for other studios, it looks ridiculous to wear glasses in the shower. That, plus the ugly tattoo, is a real turn-off.

h******** - 12/03/2019 6:25:13 PM

P.S. What's all this nonsense about the glasses? My only feeling is that it makes me a tiny bit nervous that they will fall off in the shower --

p******* - 12/03/2019 5:14:36 PM

Yannis's body is off-the -charts ubersexy/muscular - he needs a photoshoot!

D****** - 12/03/2019 3:10:32 PM

You guys are certainly kinder to Blake than over on BA where he is often critcized quite cruelly. I myself find him quite extraordinary, even with his glasses.

N***** - 12/03/2019 3:08:49 PM

So tired of all the comments about the glasses. Get over it already. I have about 40 Blake videos in my collection from Cocky Boys, Helix, etc, and he has always worn his glasses, each and every time.

j***** - 12/03/2019 2:30:45 PM

Great video and a good match. I would love to see Blake without his glasses.

P****** - 12/03/2019 1:49:19 PM

As often, I agree with topdog2013. And since I am severely myopic myself, I would expect Blake's lenses to be far thicker if he were truly as blind as a bat. Maybe if he at least invested in a less heavy, more flattering frame. Yannis of course is one of the most stunning guys alive.

g********** - 12/03/2019 12:09:20 PM

Yannis is a gorgeous hunk, with a great body, and definitely the Star of the scene as far as I am concerned (despite BA's insistence to the contrary). Hope to see a lot more of him!

o****** - 12/03/2019 10:44:08 AM

Yes love Yannis absolutely!!! He is incredibly gorgeous!!! His chest and erect nipples are magnificent!!! But doesn't work out too much now, your muscled body is perfect as it is!!! Agree with my friend topdog2013 about the sex and these two great cumshots, peculiarly Blake's!!! His glasses disturb me less than this invading tattoo on his chest. A very enjoying scene 5*

h******* - 12/03/2019 10:25:08 AM

I suspect this will be a classic scene. I cant believe we are seeing these two TOGETHER. Unbelievable and thank you.

i****** - 12/03/2019 10:17:08 AM

Yannis. Simply wonderful.

t********* - 12/03/2019 10:03:50 AM

LOVE Yannis. Absolutely LOVE Yannis. Those tits r AWESOME - huge pecs & erect nipples! Here Blake is a competent top and the sex is great with two excellent cumshots - one by Yannis flying all over his abs and the other from Blake (this might be Blake's best cumshot of his BA filming). Weird about the glasses in the shower - hope Blake checks into a little miracle invention when he gets back to the States called C-O-N-T-A-C-T-S. Not complicated. And he would look light-years better, too, besides the eyesight assist.

m***** - 12/03/2019 10:03:10 AM

Always thought Blake a little over-rated. But Yannis - superb - PLEASE, please, please, wonder-please let Yannis do a flip flop with ADAM. PLEASE>

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