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Benoit Ulliel

We are back at Lake Balaton, so it is time for another interview and solo- this one featuring blue-eyed cutie, Benoit Ulliel. He chats with Kevin Warhol about his time at BelAmi, how he got started and his favorite moments. Benoit’s dream job is to be a club dancer, so he gives us a little demonstration before heading inside to demonstrate his other skills.

Benoit Ulliel
d*********** - 10/29/2019 10:54:49 PM

Great-looking guy. Could you please provide zip files for the screenshots, as you do on the main site?

l******* - 09/23/2019 11:59:24 AM

Benoit is amazingly sexy! He's a keeper!

R************ - 06/30/2019 6:15:21 PM

Vorrei farmi sborrare in bocca da Benoit.

b****** - 06/15/2019 5:58:04 PM

What I mmost enjoy about him is his personality and brain. He also is a wonderful bottom. I believe he would also excel as an occasioonal top. I hope we see that as ell.

V************ - 05/17/2019 6:25:54 PM

A good looking young man with a nice dick, ass and balls, but the solo performance was not all that great and his cum shot was almost non existent. The best solos are by those models who know how to make love to the camera. Benoit does lots of moaning and groaning,, but never looks at the camera until the end. I know they are never to look at the camera in sex scenes, but solos are quite different. I think one of the bst solos I have seen was by Helmut.

B********* - 05/08/2019 4:54:47 AM

Benoit is a beautiful, fuckable boy. Watch him get fucked by Orri Aasen. Pure poetry!

T***** - 05/07/2019 10:10:41 PM

A thoughtful and attractive young man. Difficult to imagine him slaving away on those car parts. He should not get any tattoos. Covering an arm in a tattooed sleeve is hideous. I sometimes wonder what proportion of Bel Ami boys come from broken homes.

b***** - 05/07/2019 9:30:37 PM

Benoit is a real nice guy and such a sweety-pie, very erotic too. I enjoyed both the interview and solo very much. This is Kevin's second interview in Hungary and it is as excellent as the one with Jamie, could Kevin be the new GD??

C******* - 05/07/2019 7:56:21 PM

He is super hot! Please do not get any tattoos, Benoit!

m******* - 05/07/2019 7:53:11 PM

delicious and with a beautiful smile, I definitely like it

p***** - 05/07/2019 12:25:42 PM

I like Kevin's style of interviewing. Benoit is totally charming and it's not just his dick which is sexy.

a********* - 05/07/2019 12:14:44 PM

💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤️

o****** - 05/07/2019 10:09:28 AM

Benoit is becoming more and more charming and sexy! Sweet personality! But no tattoos please! Nice solo though a little shoot but he tastes greedily his man cream! Inside the lighting is bad, too white...

b******* - 05/07/2019 9:56:02 AM

He seems to have had a tough time, but he's very philosophical about things. He's a lovely guy, with the most beautiful smile. Those eyes!.

l********** - 05/07/2019 9:36:33 AM

A very fine lad.

t*********** - 05/07/2019 9:24:38 AM

You just gotta love Benoit!

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