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Benny Evancho

Let us introduce you to Benny Evancho. Benny started working for us as a model at BelAmiChat but we soon spotted his good looks and great potential and decided we had to capture him for you. As well as being handsome and sexy, he also possesses an amazing physique and massive cock. His impressively thick friend is the main focus of today’s photo set. Even though Benny has now left our company, we still have in store more content featuring the young performer.

s********* - 08/30/2021 11:23:59 AM

Love his hairy treasure trail and ripped body, nice boy!

m******* - 08/03/2021 6:33:53 AM

Love newcomer Benny Evancho, his first solo scene was amazing. As soon as he got undressed and show us his hot male body, i was breathless. His amooth chest and cock are enormous huge. Bring him soon back on stage in a bareback scene. He is gorgeous for sure !

a***** - 05/30/2021 1:34:17 PM

Glad to see you have some stuff of Benny left, when are we gonna see more? Is it bad I see some John Leto in him? If he's followed the same path John Leto takes, that'll be hot!

G******* - 05/29/2021 10:01:13 PM

Absolutely gorgeous. We can't wait to see what more you have in store!

h******* - 05/27/2021 4:51:24 PM

Perfection, love the beautiful body hair!

C******** - 05/23/2021 1:21:17 AM

A nice set of photos of a very good looking guy. It's a pity that he has left the company but great that some content remains to be presented.

M********* - 05/21/2021 11:36:08 PM

Benny is nice and sexy and good in shape. I like his abs, his dick and the hairy legs, but the most I like is his amazing hairy bum. Hope to see moore of him.

n****** - 05/20/2021 7:52:44 PM

There may be more beautiful guys on BA/FM. But Benny has a fine body and most important, a dick of death. My holes are twitching and watering just looking at it.

t********* - 05/20/2021 6:36:10 PM

HOT !!!!

T******* - 05/20/2021 12:58:43 AM

He really does it for me. Beautiful and hairy, great balls and beautiful dick and he is cute. Then you say he has left!!

p***** - 05/19/2021 1:18:47 PM

"Butt-ass ugly" is way too cruel a comment about Benny. We've had to suffer much worse looking guys on the BA site over the years. While I'm not crazy about his hairstyle, I like Benny's body and dick and I'm glad FM has a bit more content with him.

J****** - 05/18/2021 10:07:52 PM

It is very interesting to read the different comments and opinions. For example, I love the combination of hairy legs and smooth torso. So for me Benny is very sexy young guy with a perfect athletic body and hot hairy legs. Also because of his distinctive face, I would like to see more of him. So I hope to see him in action with the other boys!!!

b********* - 05/18/2021 9:21:20 PM

BA and Freshmen feature plenty of young men who are naturally smooth, and that's fine. But some of us enjoy more hirsute men, and that should be fine, too. I don't think those of us who do would ever advocate that the smoother guys have hair glued to their bodies to satisfy our preference, but at least half the time, the furrier ones ARE shaved, which strikes me as a double standard of sorts to satisfy those who won't tolerate a man's natural body hair.

c****** - 05/18/2021 3:08:39 PM

Topdog and Pianist don't like hairy butts. No problem. To each his own. But some others love them. It's ok for them to say they don't like hairy body parts but it's not to say it's ugly. As far as I know men are hairier than women and consequentially a lot of gays like hairy men and hairy boys.

a********* - 05/18/2021 2:51:05 PM

No entiendo dónde estoy ahora.

P****** - 05/18/2021 1:48:26 PM

What Topdog looks like is irrelevant. Topdog is not being presented as a model for our delectation on a website for which we are all paying good money. Concerning Benny, Topdog has it right.

K***** - 05/18/2021 1:10:14 PM

Should have smiled more, like he did in photo #5.

6***** - 05/18/2021 11:33:00 AM

Topdog is a mean guy...I'd like to see what he looks like!

t********* - 05/18/2021 11:18:24 AM

THIS DUDE IS BUTT-ASS UGLY!! Jez, who is screwing up casting this bad?? Are they blind??

r******** - 05/18/2021 10:55:39 AM

Nice hairy arse! Don't have him shave it!

J******** - 05/18/2021 9:23:43 AM

Pic 26: That's how I like it: Semen on a men's fur, sticky and natural shampoo, and a lovely dome of glands covered by abundant foreskin- lovely chap he is!

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