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Ben Lilly

We are thrilled to bring back Ben Lilly, who filmed with us a few years ago before taking a break. In those two years, Ben devoted himself to his personal growth and today he is back in front of the camera to tell us all about it. Tom Houston provides the questions before encouraging Ben to get naked and cum for us all over again. Ben is a very attractive guy and we still remember his gorgeous butt from the past. His copious sticky cumshot at the end of the jerkoff session is hopefully not the last thing he will offer us.

Ben Lilly
j********* - 06/10/2024 10:29:36 AM

Very hot guy. Would have liked his bush to have been a bit less trimmed though…

G********* - 06/05/2024 1:05:41 AM

Ben Lilly (aka Finn Harper on BoyFun and Jawked) is a beautiful guy, no doubt. But both the interview and the JO here seem rather listless to me. I mean, compared to Jim Durden (for example) he really seems lacking in sexual energy or chemistry or charisma. Surprising, since several of his scenes as Finn Harper on other sites are very hot. And his scene on Freshmen a few years ago with Mario Texeira was very hot. The idiotic Bel Ami videographers wasted his scene with Jim Durden by cutting his face out of frame when he came! I'm glad he's back with Bel Ami. I'm less optimistic that the camera operators at Bel Ami will have the faintest fucking idea how to film him or his partners competently.

b******* - 05/28/2024 9:09:27 AM

Ben hat einen schönen, kräftigen Schwanz, dicke Eier und eine prächtige rote Eichel. Perfekt 🔥

D********* - 04/19/2024 3:20:19 PM

Nice firm body and ditto cock with beautiful thick glans, inviting juicy ass, great cumshot. Want to see more of you Ben !

S****** - 04/06/2024 12:03:09 PM

A cutie. And a beautiful, mouth watering cock.

m***** - 04/02/2024 9:55:25 PM

I do not need to see him pounded, I am just thankful to have the opportunity to watch his gorgeous body... Thank you, BA!!!

w****** - 04/02/2024 9:34:14 PM

He can work on my electrics any time. It is great to see him back and I hope to see much more of him.

W****** - 04/02/2024 8:32:30 PM

Great to see handsome Ben back at Bel Ami. I hope you offer him a contract. For his first scene back, if he does return, I suggest a flip flop with the equally gorgeous Tom Houston, who’s too good to be stuck behind the camera.

a***** - 04/02/2024 8:21:49 PM

Gotta admit I like how Ben matures, but one thing, I hope you only allow him back only if he's willing to go all out and take whatever you give him! I can't wait to watch his interview.

b****** - 04/02/2024 6:03:36 PM

This boy has always been a real turn-on for me and I've been following him around several European sites since he originally appeared on BelAmi. Glad to see him back looking better than ever. He also seems more mature and grounded in his work. I agree, let's see much more of him on BelAmi. I hope this is his new home !!!

C***** - 04/02/2024 1:15:06 PM

If Ben always looks annoyed when fucking and sometimes seems listless, then that's a pity for Belami.😔😔

t******** - 04/02/2024 11:42:59 AM

So good to see Ben Lilly back with Bel Ami. Of course, in his break he has appeared elsewhere as Finn Harper. This a great week on Freshmen with Elio, Jim, Tim and Sammy (some of Bel Ami's hottest current stars) who I am sure could make Ben very happy! Well, Jim already did in September 2021.

F********** - 04/02/2024 10:31:00 AM

Hopefully Ben Lilly will get pounded good - many times 😝

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