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Ben Lilly

This is the first official look at our sizzling new model, Ben Lilly. Ben will be featured this year in hardcore videos with Jim Durden and Mario Texeira amongst others. For now, enjoy his introductory photo set from our Prague studio.

t********* - 06/29/2021 7:20:47 PM

He is gorgeous, doesn’t matter anything

s******** - 06/13/2021 9:57:53 PM

This guy came from many studios already as you all know with different a.k.a.'s [aliases], from gay to straight!!! w/c is not to be mention his aliases and the companies to avoid any issues...

l********** - 06/12/2021 12:54:35 PM

Yes he is handsome, but what is FRESH about Ben Lilly? He was already with really every other existing gayporn company. He was in dozends of flicks. And now a "freshman" ?

R***** - 06/09/2021 3:38:50 PM

Ben is gorgeous, sexy, suckable and fuckable!

b******* - 06/04/2021 8:08:11 AM

Amazingly hot!

g******* - 06/03/2021 3:52:51 AM

Ben seduces the camera with his eyes but I hope he learns to smile! Love his butt and his furry tum.

h***** - 06/02/2021 7:11:56 PM


b******** - 06/02/2021 4:16:44 PM

Ben is exceptional for BA/ FM. He has a great treasure trail and bush, along with many other attributes. Please leave that hair alone!!

b********* - 06/02/2021 5:52:54 AM

A lovely young man ... just steer him clear of the razor!

K***** - 06/02/2021 5:15:14 AM

The year isn’t even half over yet ! BA & FM has already surpassed my expectations. Can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. Thank you George & Company for all you do. What you create is Art.

p******** - 06/02/2021 3:40:31 AM

What a beautiful little hottie! ***** :)

d******* - 06/02/2021 3:18:16 AM

Very photogenic with all the right curves and lovely ass too, nice titi so rigid and stiff.

r*********** - 06/01/2021 11:54:50 PM

What a gorgeous guy. Ya, I know this says more about me than it does about Ben, but photo 21 is sex in print. Awesome.

W****** - 06/01/2021 11:50:11 PM

Delighted that Ben is filming with bel ami / freshmen. I hope he's with you for a long time.

s******* - 06/01/2021 9:42:22 PM

Finally he is here at BA! That's a dream become true! He is one of the cutest hottest and skilled guys on the net, he has been working in other companies, and my dream was he would land sooner or later here, where BA will be able to give him the right value! I'm sure Jim (and the other guys) will be able to remove a sort of indolence he showed in his former vids. Welcome! P.S.: agree with dr24: photo #22 is captivating.

j******* - 06/01/2021 6:29:37 PM

So beautiful

S*********** - 06/01/2021 5:49:03 PM

Wow ! So Gorgeous....So Handsome.....Stunning.... Can't wait to see him in action with Jim & Mario & hopefully Tom Houston.

w****** - 06/01/2021 5:41:35 PM

Lovely. I am not sure who he resembles more, Justin or Andre. I look forward to getting to know him better.

d*** - 06/01/2021 3:45:52 PM

Stunningly handsome young man. So sexy. I love photo #22

P****** - 06/01/2021 3:25:46 PM

Very pretty.

w********* - 06/01/2021 2:09:34 PM

He's great!

p***** - 06/01/2021 12:33:25 PM

Oh, my. He is adorable.

t****** - 06/01/2021 11:16:08 AM

A splendid model! Who are you going to pair him with first? Maybe Tom Houston?

D************* - 06/01/2021 9:46:54 AM

Ben Lilly is very handsome. He is photogenic (knows how to act in front of a camera). And that is one beautiful penis he has. I will love to see Ben in the same film as my all time favorite Jim Durden.

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