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Bastian Dufy with Pip Caulfield & Sven Basquiat

You should watch our first two bootcamp scenes in order as the stories between the two are interconnected. We won’t explain the story fully here, but rather let you enjoy it for yourself. We can tell you that it’s related to our documentaries at BelAmi which detail Bastian’s interest in photography. We suspect that this hobby is about more than artistic expression as he uses it to as a tool to pick up boys. Fortunately for Bastian, the “tool” Sven and Pip are most interested in is Bastian’s cock as the two boys engage in a more-than-friendly deep throating competition. We think Sven won the competition even though Bastian got the “prize”. The revelry is stopped momentarily as Enrique enters to whisk Sven away for their own sexy rendezvous which you will see in scene two. Pip, as usual, sets the terms for the fucking. Those terms are 1. fast, 2. furious and 3. deep. Bastian is happy to comply, and we get to enjoy the sight of two boys who love fucking bringing two big creamy loads out of each other- Pip’s all over his own stomach and Bastian’s into Pip’s now satisfied ass.

Bastian Dufy
Pip Caulfield
t********* - 02/28/2021 11:49:54 AM

Cute Pip - he loves cock and getting fucked. I love how his little dick bounces as he rides Bastian's cock.

g******* - 10/09/2019 1:26:49 AM

So deserves the high rating. They are a loving and really sexy pair but watch Pip and Sven suck Basti's dick was a true delight. The relish in their eyes was wonderful.

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:16:11 AM

Di fronte a questo video mi sono sparato due segoni consecutivi.

C************** - 09/08/2019 12:14:10 PM

Pip is a cutie. Love his eyes, smile, body. A pity the model being photographed at the beginning was nowhere to be seen in the sex scenes.

V************ - 09/06/2019 3:47:01 PM

Though I do not find Bastian to be the cutest model at BA his performance skill are wonderful! Watching his low hanging balls slam Pip's sweet ass and watching Pip's clear expressions of pleasure at being fucked by Bastian help to make this a 5i star performance. Great pairing here. Bastian's ass eating, sucking and fucking skills are unsurpassed by current models. Love it too when he slurps up his partners cum which I missed in this scene. But enjoyed Pip's nice cum shot, and Bastian's as well on Pips sweet hole and then as he swabbed his own cum on the end of his cock and shoved it back into Pip's ass. Great job of filming here. 5 Stars!

o****** - 09/02/2019 6:08:06 AM

A dream! Too delicious!

m************ - 09/01/2019 8:32:00 AM

I can watch them do 100 different scenes together and still be entertained and satisfied. Love them both.

b****** - 08/31/2019 5:18:46 PM

Both great participants playing up to standard. My only complaint why can't management give us a zip file of the pics?

w****** - 08/30/2019 10:50:53 PM

I am afraid Pip can't match Bastian in the cock swallowing department. However, I love both these guys dearly and the scene is sheer delight. I love every minute of it. Love and kisses to all involved.

A********* - 08/30/2019 6:57:18 PM

Great scene ! I like the story. Bastian got a huge cock. Pip and Sven are hot.

B******* - 08/29/2019 3:15:12 PM

Another incredible scene involving Sven (even for a short time ... we all know what he gets up to with Enrique). Pip is another gorgeous blond and it is one of the most exciting thing to watch him and Sven share Bastian's gorgeous cock! Two cuties licking a cock that way is a huge turn on for me. This is followed by the beautiful sight of Pip riding bastian's big cock with gusto, then followed by my fave position, doggie style. Bastian is a real stallion and his cum shot on Pip's delicious hole and re-entry finish the scene in style. Another 5* from me.

t****** - 08/28/2019 10:35:13 PM

Fantastic scene!!!

A********** - 08/28/2019 1:05:07 AM

Absolutely perfect : 1 billion stars !! thank you very much and congratulations !!! I think I do not need more words to say how much I love this sex scene : one of the best from BA history !

B********* - 08/27/2019 10:03:35 PM

Back in the golden days of Lukas Story 1, horsehung, hot-holed studs used to “horse around” with other young stallions because that’s what young stallions of most species do. Nowadays BA’s fictional world has contracted to an inbred troupe of porn stars, burdened by all sorts of business and romantic entanglements they first have to get thru before sex can start. What a pointless bummer! Start with 2 guys coming back from running, all sweated up. And BAM! They’re at it! Hot start! No "filler" needed. Here we have talk, talk, talk—till Pip finally convinces Bastian to fuck his BA job for the moment and fuck him, instead. (Great message, right?) The sex is good and well-filmed. And we even have a bit of breeding at the end. But sadly the scene’s too wholesome to be “hole-some.” For “naughty” shots of Pip’s #2 we have to go to his fuckhole (FH) scene with Nate Donaghy. For hot shots of Bastian’s huge hole, watch his fabulous fucking by Jack Harrer.

x****** - 08/27/2019 6:26:43 PM

Pure lust & desire in every kiss, cock sucking, deep fucking, cum shooting, Basti back into Pip's hot little ass! Loved the sweaty, glistening body of Pip as he rode Basti's huge delicious cock. My body was in ecstasy!

b***** - 08/27/2019 4:25:16 PM

Well, let me just say that my bundle of joy, cute and sweet Pip 💘💘💘 knows what he wants and knows how to get it. This episode captures perfectly what he wants most: kiss a guy deeply, suck his cock and ride that dick extensively. Bastian makes an excellent ‘victim’ for his desires, although I don’t think he will feel being victimised here 😉 he seems to rather enjoy it. The start of this episode may not be very romantic, in the end the romantic and affectionate in the little sex devil with the angel face 😍😍😍 comes out anyway when he asks Bastian to stay and cuddle. Ah, the sweet dreams 💕💕💕

m******** - 08/27/2019 1:54:43 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing Pip and Bastian together again. True gods!

c********* - 08/27/2019 1:28:29 PM

Yep, I agree with alocam. Gorgeous and sweet Pip was in ecstasy; Basti was hot as hell and enjoying every kiss and every thrust by his big battering-ram. Their duo is almost as memorable as the best of the best -- like Jack's with Trevor on the sofa (in a "Vatican" storm). In both cases the highlight for me is when Jack/Pip on the bottom, gazes up, apparently sweet and needy , but with the purest lust and longing, at big-dicked Trevor/Basti as he's being fucked. The gates to Heaven open wide!

p***** - 08/27/2019 1:15:14 PM

Pip & Bastian really are a match made in porn heaven. Wonderful scene

a***** - 08/27/2019 11:33:36 AM

That was one of the best fucks EVER💕💕💕

s******** - 08/27/2019 11:10:46 AM

ach dass ist Himmel!!! أكبر أكبر Akbar! akbar! akbar!...a truly sizzlicious Lust-Fete!!!

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