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Bastian Dufy & Tommy Poulain

Bastian is a showman, Tommy is mostly reserved and quiet. Yet together they make a cute couple as we observe them spending a day together at the beach- sunbathing, flying the drone and taking in the sights. It’s obvious from Bastian’s greedy glances at Tommy’s delicious derriere what’s going to happen. What’s not predictable is the success Bastian would have in taking Tommy our of his shell, as well as his clothing. Their sex is animalistic and intense with Tommy matching Bastian in energy and fervor. That he enjoys getting fucked as much as Bastian enjoys fucking is evidenced by the sweaty, cum covered heap both boys find their selves in at the end of this shorter, but memorable scene.

Tommy Poulain
Bastian Dufy
d******* - 02/25/2022 4:08:30 PM

Tommy so cute and just cannot get over his nice thick luscious lips to kiss, nice balls to suck and lovely cock to suck. He is a doll.

w****** - 04/02/2020 4:12:34 PM

Why was this scene so short? The little vignette seemed longer than the actual sex. I love this scene but it was very abrupt. Great guys & great sex though.

b****** - 04/29/2019 9:55:54 AM

Another great scene pity it was so short

M****** - 03/20/2019 2:22:57 AM

Well that was quick. I've always felt that Tommy has a lovely, boyish, innocent face -- very sweet. In performance, though, he can seem a little uninterested. He showed a bit more animation and response here, and that's a good thing.

h***** - 02/18/2019 10:18:13 AM

I cannot understand, why Tommy has not the chance to be as wild and with star potential, as he is on other sites with his other stage name.

V************ - 02/15/2019 4:14:45 PM

Tommy is cute and Bastian is a good performer, but needs makeup to cover the blemishes on his face. Though this was NOT a great scene, I did appreciate the full rear views of Bastian topping Tommy. The lighting was poor in spots with Bastian's shadow, or perhaps it was the cameraman's, making it difficut to see towards the end. Very disappointing that we did not see Bastian's cum shot. At best 3 stars.

g******* - 02/10/2019 2:55:57 AM

Seeing them in their boardshorts got me hard. Tommy took Basti's big cock beautifully and Basti's finger work was very erotic as here the shots of his ass as he pounded Tommy. But where was Basti's orgasm?

t****** - 02/08/2019 2:54:10 PM

I love every minute of this (too short) scene.

r******** - 02/07/2019 5:02:09 AM

I’m sorry 11 minute update with five minutes of fucking and Bastian doesn’t cum? This really doesn’t qualify as an update or meet the standard this site has set.

m******* - 02/06/2019 4:30:12 PM

Just a fabulous twosome. Both guys are on fire.

j***** - 02/06/2019 12:38:05 AM

Great video of them both and Bastian has the sexiest calves of all models I have seen.

g********* - 02/06/2019 12:28:43 AM

Bastan's cumshot was missed by the cameraman???? He's one of the few power-shooters, so that's a pity. I disliked the tattoo(s) on Tommy, 3 stars

w****** - 02/05/2019 8:48:58 PM

I love watching Bastian. Just one criticism: the scene is far too short.

b***** - 02/05/2019 7:16:50 PM

Bastian takes care of Tommy very well and it is obvious that Tommy is enjoying it. The fingering sequence is very appealing and shows that Bastian is really interested in pleasuring Tommy as much as possible. The introduction with the drone is cute (Tommy on the rocks pleasuring himself, although short, is a treat) and the plot develops almost natural from that. But why did Bastian leave before cumming himself? A bit weird, but further play with the drone may have had a stronger appeal to him of course, I always thought he was more sexual than that though.

i******* - 02/05/2019 7:14:32 PM

This was not the couple to film a quickie! These two I love to look at from every angle! I loved the fingering sequence as well but, ultimately, this was a missed opportunity to showcase two really great performers.

L*********** - 02/05/2019 2:20:18 PM

Agree with "otrebor" - a burning desire but too short even therein are wonderful close-ups - love the fingering sequence.

N******** - 02/05/2019 1:16:11 PM

A boy getting fingered - wow - whatever next , a lad leaking pre-cum?!! It has always amazed me that what must be one of the most common gay sexual activities is practically never shown on BA. Why is BA so reluctant to show what millions of us do as a major part of foreplay? I hope this marks a change to greater realism, but I've a funny feeling this is the only such scene we will be allowed to see for many more months. BTW - it is a pity that such a scorching scene was so short, just 11 minutes!!

r*********** - 02/05/2019 9:41:53 AM

Not called Camps Bay for nothing! Beware of flying your drone in Cape Town - far too many self-appointed drone police who have nothing better to do.

o****** - 02/05/2019 9:24:45 AM

Burning desire! Too short! Bastian and Tommy enjoy each other and savour their pleasure and us our! But has Bastian come? I have to watch this sweating scene again… Tommy gets more mature and Bastian is powerful! Love the fingering, rare at BA!

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