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Bart Cuban Johnny Eilish 

Kevin Warhol guides us through Johnny Eilish's first-ever scene, where he is paired with Bart Cuban. Even though they don't understand a word the other is saying, this new couple really enjoy themselves. Bart Cuban is the more experienced, but surprisingly Johnny totally loses his inhibitions and savours every second of the encounter. After mutual blowjobs, Johnny decides to deliver his butt to Bart. The boys have great chemistry and the lack of communication proves to be no problem at all. Johnny experiences his first anal orgasm before receiving a massive facial cumshot.

Bart Cuban
Johnny Eilish
m******* - 05/29/2023 2:09:51 AM

OMG this is a excellent pairing of those 2 guys at Freshmen, was a very good choice. Like Bart Cuban, who is a hot good looking guy, who has a body every man could dream off. His smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick and balls are massive and so amazing hot. Bart Cuban is a hot TOP and he becomes my favorite man at Freshmen, who enjoy fucking his partner Johnny Eilish , very hard bareback with his huge uncut cock in the kitchen. Johnny Eilish enjoy sucking big cock too and Bart Cuban really enjoy that. Really hot to watch how Johnny, was sitting and riding Bart Cuban huge banana dick. Cannot wait to see Johnny Eilish and Bart Cuban soon back on stage in a new man to man bareback encounter with other hot guys at Freshmen

d***** - 05/01/2023 5:50:30 PM

A very good scene with lots of chemistry in the last third. Johnny Eilish really knows how to give head and to show that he is enjoying it. Could give Bart some lessons in that regard.

S****** - 05/01/2023 1:57:23 AM

Gorgeous beautiful Bart!!! Love him!

S*********** - 04/28/2023 2:39:52 PM

I find Johnny SO adorable. It is a terrific scene with this pair and a copious finale, I might add that Eilish seems to relish and Cuban seems to enjoy releasing...on this note, I must say I must give you a perfect note!! I can't wait to see Johnny's 'stats'...and cannot wait to see him again either with Bart Cuban or another one of your hot 'boys'.

g******* - 04/26/2023 5:15:45 AM

Johnny is a cutie and Bart looked after him very well. Loved the hot orgasms!

w****** - 04/25/2023 11:33:46 PM

I see Luke has been busy again with his instruments of vandalism, Bart's legs and backside having been stripped of their natural glory, likewise Johnny. I love the shorts Bart was wearing. I was almost disappointed when he had to take them off. The combination of those shorts and his legs in their natural state would be one hell of a sexy sight. Nice to see he seems to be gradually picking more English. Lots of love to both.

d******* - 04/25/2023 4:59:09 PM

Bart and Johnny have a terrific time with each other fucking and kissing. 💘💘💘💘

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