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Bart Cuban & Mario Texeira Part 1

Lucky multilingual Paul Cassidy was called in today in case our boys needed some linguistic help. It turns out his translation skills were scarcely needed so he was enviably able to enjoy this scene from his “ringside” seat on the sofa while us monolinguists our forced to watch this on video. And what a special show it was! A flip-flop with Bart and Mario. In the first part, our well hung Slovak fucks our massively membered Magyar. You don’t need a first-row seat to see that Bart loves getting fucked as he rides his buddy’s cock as hard as he can until he unexpectedly shoots mid fuck! This is hot in any language


Mario Texeira
Bart Cuban
M********* - 01/03/2021 12:19:38 AM

Great sex, this 2 Guys know, how make each another happy and me too. It's wonderful watching this amazing sweet men. Thank you guys.

S****** - 08/16/2020 8:54:40 AM

Gorgeous studs! Love them both, but have to say Bart is my all-time favourite right now. He makes a totally sexy and passionate bottom.

h********* - 08/15/2020 5:02:40 AM

Why do these guys do the heavy manscaping? Mario looked so sexy before his pubes, crotch, legs, and pits were scalped to an unnatural look. He’s still handsome, but much less sexy than before.

V************ - 07/20/2020 4:20:56 PM

I prefer Mario over Bart but both are extremely good looking, though there is something devious looking about Bart that makes him seem emotionally detached to me. Bart does not really deep throat and the kissing here isn't great as it is mostly lower lip upper lip kissing and smooching. But stillit is a relatively good scene. I do enjoy the contrast between Mario's smooth body and Bart's hairy legs and ass. Each is attractive in their own way which I why I don't understand people who always want it one way or the other.

d****** - 07/13/2020 9:12:53 PM

10 Stars! Fantastic and Beautiful boys!

g********** - 07/10/2020 1:01:49 PM

Gorgeous scene with two gorgeous models!

R************ - 07/09/2020 12:52:42 PM

Finalmente un bel buco di culo peloso!!!

w****** - 07/08/2020 9:08:36 PM

This pair of scenes would appear to have been filmed before the shaving gremlins took their razors to Bart's lovely bum hair. I hope he has grown it back and we can look forward to more scenes with the natural look.

g***** - 07/08/2020 2:49:07 PM

There are two great bottoms in this scene. Now if Belami had only put a top in there with them.

A********** - 07/08/2020 1:51:11 AM

Mario cannot be the "top"........ Bart is better as top and as bottom.

g******* - 07/08/2020 1:39:21 AM

Sweet scene. They have such buff bodies and such amazing cocks - the cock-worship at the beginning was fantastic as well as Mario's pants slowly sliding off as Bart sucked him.

m***** - 07/07/2020 11:06:53 PM

Beautiful couple! Thank you!!! I really enjoyed watching Mario and Bart, both are beautiful young men!

b******** - 07/07/2020 8:33:16 PM

I love Bart's hairy hole

W****** - 07/07/2020 4:45:49 PM

Any scene with Bart is welcome. A flip-flop with Bart is doubly welcome. Hope he’s filming with you for a long time to come.

a********* - 07/07/2020 11:53:17 AM

Body language with two guys like these was safe and relevant. Some glimpses of Bart and Mario are immensely entrancing. The design of their bodies appear in their perfection. Delicious explorations through lush black bushes. It is surprising that in the first part of this double video, the director managed to make the interaction between the actors natural and progressive, without obvious cut and action in changing positions. Then the drastic cuts are restored towards the end of the second part. So good on the whole of both scenes, with only two negative notes: 1 the shower is only named and not filmed. 2 The shot from below with spider-like bodies hanged and faces twisted by the force of gravity is a fetishism that I can hardly appreciate aesthetically. 3 stars overall.

d******* - 07/07/2020 11:41:29 AM

Both look good in part 1. Bart very handsome too. Mario looks nice for Bart.

l********** - 07/07/2020 11:25:15 AM

Oh BART my handsome Csikós ! Awesome.

o****** - 07/07/2020 9:25:50 AM

Very nice pairing! Gorgeous dark beauty Bart looks so happy bottoming for Mario!!!

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