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Bart Cuban & Jon Kael

Our location today seems as if it were made just to enhance the beauty of our 2 guys, Bart and Jon, as they start off having thier pictures taken against the spectacular Greek background before heading inside to take their budding romance to the next level. We liked this combination of guys so much that we used their photoset as the opening of the whole series earlier in the year, so it is really good to see that they backed up the photo session with this sizzling scene as well.

Jon Kael
Bart Cuban
S****** - 02/06/2022 10:14:36 PM

Bart, the most adorable gorgeous hunk of sexy manhood! He makes any video worth watching. HOWEVER, just 1 sex scene for this week is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

l******* - 02/06/2022 3:19:03 AM

I agree with Jakobus: an issue with a single sex scene seems a bit thin.

s******* - 02/04/2022 1:34:14 AM

I've never been a John'sfans. But everything with the amazinf BART is totally worth! This is not the best scene of Bart, but it deserveres 5 stars anyway!

d******* - 02/03/2022 11:01:42 AM

guys, if you have a comment about our format, please use the discussion forum. Comments not directly related to the scene will be removed from here. There is already a thread on the forum about the format of this Greece series..

J****** - 02/02/2022 3:15:20 AM

Very hot scene - okay. But only this one action scene this week? Please don't tell us, that this is the new standard :-(((((

g******* - 02/01/2022 11:51:48 PM

There was genuine enjoyment here and I loved the distance shots so we saw their whole magnificent bodies.

h******** - 02/01/2022 6:23:14 PM

Bart and Jon K -- two fantastic-looking and sexy guys! I don't mind getting to documentary at all -- these are entertaining and I'd like to see an entire series!

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