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Bart Cuban & Jason Bacall

It was always going to be a hard job to follow on from our 1st scene this week, so we have decided to go with a bit more of a casual affair with Jason Bacall Fucking Bart Cuban. We start off with a casual gathering with a few of the models before our horny pair peel off for some more private fun. Whatever Jason is doing here he must be doing it right, as Bart is rock hard the whole time before shooting a massive load that reaches all the way to his chin!

Jason Bacall
Bart Cuban
m******* - 05/29/2023 6:37:20 PM

OMG This was the hottest man to man encounter I have seen so far at Freshmen. Sexy Bart Cuban and Jason Bacall, have such hot male male bodies. I was breathless to see both guys getting undressed and watch their nude bodies and huge cocks. Their smooth chest, perky nipples and of course their uncut banana dicks which are so massive. Jason Bacall really loves men and like to have bare back sex with men, as he is fucking his partner Bart Cuban very hard in this scene with his huge cock on that balcony. It was TOP to watch this hot man to man sex encounter between those 2 sexy guys making love with each other. Can't wait producer Freshmen to bring both sexy guys soon back in another bareback video.

d****** - 08/27/2022 10:58:03 PM

Bart is such an amazingly handsome young man!

s******* - 08/18/2022 5:41:21 AM

what Jason wants, he gets Bart.

l********** - 07/08/2022 9:15:55 PM

Oh Bart, you are the most handsome of all the BelAmi Princes !!! I want you in my arms and fuck your handsome ass to shreds and tatters, my rock hard erection salutes you.

d******* - 07/08/2022 12:20:28 AM

Jason and Bart very sweet.

R***** - 07/07/2022 12:23:21 PM

2 wunderfull boys 2 bads chumshots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

w****** - 07/06/2022 10:45:55 PM

I love the little cameo from Kirk at the start. I don't like heights so when Jason stood up on the parapet for Bart to suck him it made me very nervous. Many thanks and lots of love to both for a great scene.

M****** - 07/06/2022 12:05:56 PM

Wow wunderfull 😋😋😋😋

a***** - 07/06/2022 8:37:00 AM

That's awesome, Bart is so cute, sweet, and innocent 😋 The scene looks hot and I really like Bart for his look and his quiet and obedient personality. But I'm curious, when he started, can anyone just come play him 😇? Every time I see Bart, I can never forget his scene where Joel and him lost fusball and Bart has to offer his ass as award to winning team. I love it. Also, I haven't seen Bart gets so much anal climax yet, but I hope he gets it more and more as he progresses there.

S****** - 07/06/2022 6:33:06 AM

Bart is and always will be my absolute favourite. He is the best BelAmi model in a very very long time.

t********* - 07/06/2022 2:53:16 AM

I LOVE both Jason and Bart!! Outstanding pairing and the cumshots are spectacular!! Absolutely boner city!!!

g******* - 07/06/2022 2:14:38 AM


J****** - 07/05/2022 11:48:38 PM

Perfect hot scene with two sexy guys and favorites of mine.

s******* - 07/05/2022 10:27:59 AM

Two stunning sexy and passionate performers! Bart & Jason, both are really great!

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