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Bart Cuban & Hoyt Kogan

Seductive Hoyt Kogan returns to Freshman paired with alluring newcomer Bart Cuban. As revealed earlier, Bart is from a small Hungarian town and is a fanatical horse rider. This is an interest he shares with Hoyt who also has a thing for riding bareback. Since there’s a dearth of horses, Bart decides to ride Hoyt’s pony engaging in an entirely different kind of bareback riding. There’s a reason these two might seem more familiar than our typical trainer/trainee relationship. Ever the professional, Hoyt decided to have several practice sessions with this sexy newbie prior to presenting him to Luke for filming. You will see Bart again next month for his second scene where he fucks Riff Dornan.

Hoyt Kogan
Bart Cuban
m******* - 08/25/2021 1:55:27 AM

Hoyt's reaction to Bart's shaved ass was not as severe as mine. That guy has one of the sweetest hairiest asses as someone did a job on it that ruined the ass eating and fuck part. Bart is a dark, mysterious wonder and his ass is a wonder if it is left to be as it should be- with hair. I've faced the fact that Bart's eyes can look into my soul. That dark - right into my eyes- stare of his.

h********* - 08/25/2020 10:26:58 PM

Since it is almost impossible to shave one’s own ass and crack, who in the world did such a dreadful job on Bart? Why even do in the first place? A once naturally beautiful young man is now left with awful results. Leave these hot guys’ natural hair alone! The scene was ok, but Hoyt did not seem to stimulate any outward emotions or even moaning from Bart.

T*********** - 07/01/2020 6:17:17 AM

Does he ever make a sound? Is ha mute from birth?

G******** - 03/30/2020 3:09:25 AM

That's the best having an orgasm in u

s******* - 02/19/2020 12:18:00 AM

So much razor burn on Bart's ass. It used to be that Bel Ami applied make up to faces to cover acne and breakouts and now we get models with pustules and pimples galore.

a******* - 02/15/2020 8:28:23 PM

awful shaved ass

k********* - 12/15/2019 2:48:27 AM

you shaved Bart badly and I am mad

D************* - 10/19/2019 12:01:09 PM

Bart Cuban has me in love with him. He is perfect in every way. Please! We must see more sex scenes and photos.

g******* - 10/17/2019 12:12:21 AM

Bart's sweet smile at the end says it all. He loved Hoyt's attentions and why wouldn't he. Look forward to seeing him many times and watch him grow in confidence especially paired with his fellow (very sexy) Hungarians.

d******* - 10/16/2019 5:19:03 PM

This was so sweet as Hoyt kissed him and loved him so to Bart he understood so he returned the love and affection and he loved it too. Hoyt fucked him well an they displayed their beautiful bodies for all to see and adore. Bart had gorgeous dark brown eyes too.You have to admit they really loved each other besides the horses.

R************ - 10/16/2019 4:02:35 PM

Seghe, seghe, seghe, seghe, davanti a questi video non faccio altro che seghe su seghe.

V************ - 10/11/2019 4:27:31 PM

I struggled with giving this scene three or four stars. Both models are extremely attractive physically and Hoyt did a great job of romancing Bart with all of his touching and tender kisses. However, as I have observed before, Bart is primarily a passive receiver. Notice how little time was given to him satisfying Hoyt orally or any other way. Even when he comes Bart is pretty expressionless, not showing any emotion or pleasure. Hoyt has to moan for him. AT some point Bart needs to overcome his shyness and passivity if he is ever to become more than someone's sex toy as opposed to a real porn star. So I give Bart 3 stars here and Hoyt 4 stars in this scene. Since Bart is so attractive I do hope he will grow in his ability to show emotion, express himself verbally and show more affection and desire to please his partner.

B********* - 10/11/2019 4:51:22 AM

Shaving assess began with the Greeks. It was a sign of high civilization to have a hairless body. Athenian athletes shaved their bodies in public at the gymnasium once a week. Pindar and other poets created immortal poems about them. In the Middle Ages shaving bodies was a capital crime. Bathing was limited to once a year. The Renaissance restored body shaving to its rightful place. Check out The David sometime. Look at all painting and sculpture of the male nude in Europe and America since. With gay liberation in 1969 came gay bars and baths and gyms . Shaving your ass was and is a "Fuck me!" statement. Now having a hairy ass like a straight guy is "in"? Wanna go back to the Middle Ages? Gay-haters would like nothing better. And that's how history is going..

w******* - 10/11/2019 3:03:00 AM

loved this coupling of two gorgeous guys I am especially turned on by Bart - such a magnificently lean muscled man more of him please

b***** - 10/09/2019 12:55:46 PM

Bart may not be very talkative but he is pleasant to look at and is clearly enjoying what he is doing and what Hoyt is doing to him. Hoyt can be somewhat cold or detached in his love making at times, but bring him together with a good looking and eager younger guy and he loosens up and becomes rather affectionate. As it shows Bart is such a guy and I can fully understand that.

A********** - 10/09/2019 4:07:07 AM

Absolutely perfect !! 5 billion stars !!!!

w****** - 10/08/2019 11:29:21 PM

Bart is a beautiful young man, perfect in every detail, especially that beautiful cock. However, who is the philistine who decided that razor rash and stubble look better than natural bum hair? I look forward eagerly to his scene with Riff. A pairing made in heaven.

p********* - 10/08/2019 7:29:27 PM

WoW very hot to see Hoyt as top and Bart as bottom just a dream to see one day this 2 beautie s fucking my favorite and one of you best joker Adam .. Hoyt never fuck him and a flip flop Adam with Bart uhmmmm ;)

h******* - 10/08/2019 6:48:55 PM

Wonderful, but please don't shave Bart's beautiful body hair, his legs and ass don't look near as wonderful as they have in his earlier videos.

J************* - 10/08/2019 6:46:15 PM

Sexy scene but Hoyt had such a lackluster cum shot :(

a********* - 10/08/2019 2:57:00 PM

💙 💚 💛 ❤️ 💜 they have everything these two amazing guys have, but most of all they had two desirable and fabulous asses. Too bad for having irritated Bart's ass by shaving it inside by blowing up dozens of pimples. Well-deserved little lesson: Shaving hurts and makes a man less handsome! Decreased to just 1 star for the non-decision to postpone filming until Bart's ass recovered a decent photogeny, recovering the hair, and decreasing irritative fire on the skin due to shaving. It is painfully hard to see Hoyt licking the pungent growth of beard in the ass!

p***** - 10/08/2019 11:59:58 AM

Bart is wonderful to look at but he has little to -- 0 -- personality. FM should try pairing him with a Hungarian speaker to see if that would liven him up a bit.

t********* - 10/08/2019 10:25:19 AM

Excellent scene! Perfect pairing! I love Bart as the bottom here. I agree with my friend otrebor that Hoyt is warmer here but he still does not use his tongue while kissing, which makes the action seem less passionate, although to me this is definitely a five star scene. Again, awesome action and casting!

o****** - 10/08/2019 10:01:26 AM

Nice encounter! Hoyt is warmer and more enthusiastic than usually! Bart is extremely sexy and gorgeous except his shaved ass and hole of which the skin is awfully irritated!!!! Who did a so stupid thing? Bart is absolutely flexible and his moving when he is riding Hoyt's cock is a marvel to watch! Like he cums while fucked!!!

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