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Bart Cuban

We had out interview with Riff Dornan last week, and he is back again today acting as translator for Luke Hamill as he interviews fellow newcomer, Bart Cuban. Bart has a kinship for horses, and not just because he is endowed like one. He also enjoys riding and breeding horses. His interests are more then equine as he likes going into the “big city” for the opportunities and fun it provides. Watch the video to find out why Bart’s nickname among our models is “Game Over”.

Bart Cuban
m******* - 05/29/2021 1:25:58 AM

What a performer this guy is. With Helmut Huxley he is the epitome' of handsome performer, and the 2 of them together is just sextracular. Just last night I watched him with Nate Donaghy. See this scene if for nothing more than to watch Bart's face, his intense eyes and the way he looks at Nate. His body is just so naturally masculine and extraordinarily receptive. Top of the line.

b********** - 04/15/2020 6:09:41 PM

Wow! Beautiful. Handsome Face. Muscular Body. Delicious Cock with hypnotic Mushroom Cock-Head. Luscious dark, natural Pubes. Sensual. Under-stated. Flirty. Great Cum-shot. Gee... what did I leave out?

b******* - 03/19/2020 3:34:20 PM

I loved Bart's combination of a shy nature with his sensational body and hairy legs. I didn't find the interview at all boring or painful, but delightful. as Riff handled it so well. It was worth watching for the sake of his lovely smile,.not to mention the bulge in his shorts from his formidable cock.

a******* - 02/15/2020 8:52:41 PM

Bart is lovely hairy young lad

r*********** - 12/17/2019 8:34:32 AM

I want Bart's babies.

r******* - 11/17/2019 8:46:13 AM

Great body, cute hairy butt and sexy eyes!

D************* - 10/19/2019 12:05:21 PM

Bart Cuban has it all, sweet smile, handsome, and sexy. Even though he only speaks Hungarian, it doesn't matter. His personality shines through. Please! We must see more sex scenes and photos.

V************ - 09/17/2019 6:47:30 PM

Quite interesting that this shy country boy has no problem performing gay sex in front of a camera for millions to see. He has a great smile and I loved how he looked at the camera at the end and smiled ever so slyly. He is very attractive and does a good job of putting a show on for us. I remember a few years ago when Kris Evans and Mike Lovel did a 2 part episode, as I recall, where they were riding horseback and came back to the coral and fucked right there on the corral. Maybe we need another horseback scene with Bart and another model who is comfortable with horses riding and then fucking each other. I qwould love to see some naked horeback riding though that might be a little hard on the family jewels! Lol!

J****** - 09/14/2019 12:38:59 PM

Bart délicieux cowboy, un si grand plaisir de regarder Bart Cuban!

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:05:19 AM

Bellissimo il pelo di Bart.

b***** - 09/10/2019 9:45:21 PM

Although Bart is the silent type we still got to see a lot of his personality and I found that quite pleasing. His solo is sensual and that is how I know him from all of his scenes up till now (maybe except the one with Nils, but in that case the pairing may have been a bit unfortunate) so I am looking forward seeing him in further action with BA/FM guys. Riff is so very cute, I am glad he is able to function as interpreter, keep him please.

J******** - 09/10/2019 9:32:33 PM

Love his hairy legs, dark pubes and that wonderful foreskin shoving it right up to cover his perfect glans and back again for a hot cum shot, what a sweet honey pot!

p********* - 09/10/2019 8:07:21 PM

A Star is Born uhmmmm

x****** - 09/10/2019 6:53:23 PM

Pancho is right. This was the worst, longest and most boring interview ever. Once past that, Bart has a nice body, hairy ass and great cock, which produced a tasty load, which Bart, indeed, tasted. Let's see more of how he has sex with other FM guys.

o****** - 09/10/2019 5:51:59 PM

Thanks dehanoia I understand. Bart is a dream boy! Just a wonder! Nice interview and translator! I kiss charming Riff! Bart I'm dying for you!!!

P****** - 09/10/2019 2:37:28 PM

Cum shots aren't everything in my book, but this guy certainly brings it home. Nice to look at too.

w****** - 09/10/2019 1:53:29 PM

Absolutely delightful!

p***** - 09/10/2019 1:40:55 PM

Bart is certainly wonderful to look at but this had to be the most painful BA/FM interview I've ever watched. Thank goodness Riff was there to lighten the mood a bit.

d******* - 09/10/2019 12:43:35 PM

otrebor... try again. just the interview was uploaded first, fixed now

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