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Back to Greece part  28

It's a beautiful morning in Mykonos. After some well-deserved “beauty sleep“, it is time to switch on the cameras and for the boys to start filming. Our „backstage crew“ visit Serge Cavalli and Robin Rief on the set of the scene from issue 282 and we get a sneak peek of another scene featuring Sven Basquiat and Jason Bacall which is coming your way in July. Besides these two couples, we follow an encounter between the ripped Jon Kael and Paul Cassidy, which takes place in the main villa.

Jerome Exupery
Jon Kael
Jason Bacall
Serge Cavalli
Sven Basquiat
Kirk Gauguin
Matthieu Pique
Robin Rief
Eluan Jeunet
Yannis Paluan
Paul Cassidy
F***** - 04/08/2023 3:07:37 AM

Another excellent episode from Mykonos. Kevin, with his sexy voice, makes a good interviewer, and having come through the ranks of BA/FM he knows the roles well. And, yes, food, beer and fruit is never far away from a Czech shoot!

m******* - 04/05/2023 4:17:07 PM

OMG this trip of the boys to GREECE was a blockbuster to watch. I enjoy watching my favoirte boys as Jon Kael, Jerome Exupery, Serge Cavalli, Jason Bacall, Paul Cassidy sere all in this last trip to this Greece island. . Was a pleasure to see all the boys enjoying their stay arround the house, fully naked too walking arround. Could not believe my eyes to see they even had hard bareback sex and fucking each other very hard in this nice Greece house. Was so hot to see JON KAEL, fully nude on the bench, his uncut banana dick and balls are so massive and huge. JON Kael has such a hot male body and perky nipples. was so funny that JON Kael called his huge cock "TARZAN" Great video documentation was this movie.

w****** - 04/04/2023 6:42:56 PM

I can't believe that anything in the fridge would get out of date with that voracious crew.

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