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Back to Greece part 33

Welcome back to Mykonos. It is time to wake up again and start the next adventure. In today’s documentary,  Kevin and Jerome try to gather together the boys and start a photo shoot in town. Today is a little different though. Our photographer Benno decides to take the boys to the lovely streets of the capital and showcase it in a new unique way by undressing the boys in different public places. This „gang of exhibitionists“ are caught in action multiple times, but the outcome is definitely worth the risk.

Helmut Huxley
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Jim Durden
Pierre Cezanne
Yannis Paluan
R***** - 10/01/2023 1:06:41 PM

Another great Documentary. I especially loved seeing gorgeous, adorable Pip posing totally nude in public and having to rush to cover up whenever somebody passed by.

F***** - 09/16/2023 2:49:29 PM

This series is always great fun.

e********* - 09/09/2023 6:50:16 PM

Love this and fantastic scenery!

t***** - 08/26/2023 7:59:07 AM

PIP bless him.

M******** - 08/22/2023 10:24:55 PM

I like the nude photo shoots in public, but is it a problem that random people can watch it?

d******* - 08/22/2023 2:06:29 PM


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