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Back to Greece part 32

In this video, we follow Kevin Warhol, who has come up with a single question for each boy he meets during the day: What did you do before you joined BelAmi? Some very interesting and funny answers come back so we hope our boys will make you smile once again. In other action, Jerome kidnaps Pierre Cezanne and brings him to the main villa, where he gets lucky and fucks sexy Pascal Mauri.

Jerome Exupery
Jon Kael
Joel Birkin
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Pierre Cezanne
Jens Christensen
Pascal Mauri
Niko Vangelis
Yannis Paluan
Elio Chalamet
R***** - 08/02/2023 4:00:51 PM

I love hearing the Boys talking and seeing them having fun together.

d******* - 08/01/2023 1:37:01 AM

Pierre needs a shave which Jerome can do and Pascal a doll.

d******* - 07/30/2023 8:35:13 AM

Loved the question. Lots of fun hearing the boys' answers.

t******* - 07/27/2023 6:15:19 PM

I love this series Back to Greece. It's always so much fun to watch the guys just enjoying each other and the awesomeness of the location and culture. The thing that I find which separates Bel Ami from all the other sites out there is the camaraderie the share. I truly believe that the guys do love each other and have each other's best interest at heart. Pierre is gorgeous. Well done everyone!

a****** - 07/26/2023 7:20:14 AM

Pierre is such a handsome sexy man. Want to see the whole scene with Pascal.

w****** - 07/25/2023 7:26:38 PM

I loved the questioning. It was both fun and informative. Lots of love to all.

b********* - 07/25/2023 6:59:32 PM

I'm a fan of both Pierre and Pascal—thanks, gents!

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