Sex scene

Back to Greece part 3

Being in charge of the documentary team does come with some benefits that are non-sexual in nature, as Kevin finds out today when all the boys are suddenly being very nice to him. Although we don’t doubt that they hold him in genuine affection, the real reason for their flattery is that they need him to go and get more beer for them. Who would expect such cynicism from angelic faced Pip and Jason!

Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Kirk Gauguin
Elio Chalamet
a***** - 03/06/2022 5:12:23 PM

Goodness this is just a lot more energetic! Jason and Pip can be quite fun to watch, remind me of Africa trip that Pip went on. And wow, the whole show at the end! 1. I hope Elio and Riis weren't shocked. 2.I hope Pip, Jason, Kieran got rewarded well! haha

t***** - 02/05/2022 12:28:42 PM

Loved this little gem of a doc, cute dancing.

m******** - 02/02/2022 6:50:50 AM

I love to see the boys drinking alcohol.

S******* - 02/02/2022 12:36:02 AM

Im confused as to why the docus are not on the main site, but i love them! Love watching the antics that they all get up to :p

g******* - 02/01/2022 11:30:44 PM

The dance scene at the end was so hot but it should have not replaced a fuck scene.

t********* - 02/01/2022 9:15:05 PM

I’ll put up with these just to see Jason. Such a sexy-ass dude. Very lucky week for me as I got to see him bottom in two scenes!! Magnificent! And, Christian was top and did a fantastic job!! Loved the scene of them together just posted yesterday evening (California time).

d******* - 02/01/2022 3:04:33 PM

Okay for acting silly!

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