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Back to Greece part 29

It’s dinner time and this time it's the boys themselves who are on the menu. Kevin, Jerome, Sven and Helmut decide to cook dinner and all they want in return is for everyone to be naked. This is no challenge for our boys, who like nothing more than removing their clothes. Even though dinner isn't as tasty as the boys expected, we are sure you will enjoy the view. Bon appétit!

Jerome Exupery
Torsten Ullman
Jon Kael
Helmut Huxley
Peter Annaud
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Nils Tatum
Sven Basquiat
Kirk Gauguin
Pierre Cezanne
Jens Christensen
Eluan Jeunet
Paul Cassidy
Rhys Jagger
a***** - 06/29/2024 5:05:35 AM

this is what i love about Belami production, the casual nudity that they parade around, one thing that a lot other gay porn studios have failed to do

g******* - 05/05/2023 6:26:35 PM

I always like watching all nude meals.

t****** - 05/03/2023 9:41:14 AM

Whenever I pay for BA, I've always had the documentaries and photosets in mind. BA definitely pioneered the whole behind the scenes porn thing. However, freshmen documentaries should be focused more on twinky models like Jorik, Justin, Bob Coogler etc (as much as I like jocky models like Kirk and Paul)

w****** - 05/02/2023 10:50:01 PM

Sheer madness but I loved every minute. Lots of love to all involved.

b********* - 05/02/2023 9:11:41 PM

Agree with ajames, it's always good to see Rhys, even if just all by himself. : )

m***** - 05/02/2023 9:11:30 PM

I love these dokus!!! It is great to see those beautiful young men nude!

t***** - 05/02/2023 4:19:45 PM

I agree with what capello said. You should not be posting documentaries here. Not really what we are paying for.

B***** - 05/02/2023 3:03:26 PM

Está na hora de fazer uma festa de aniversário da Belamionline, já têm meninos suficientes para isso, ok?

c****** - 05/02/2023 1:01:57 PM

I don't appreciate these documentaries on BA sister channel called freshmen. I pay for this channel to see once a week real fresh men having sex and not to see a part of BA documentaries presenting nothing new but already seen at BA. Only one sex scene, this week is kind of a scam.

a***** - 05/02/2023 11:06:33 AM

Such a short docu but quite a bit of fun to watch. I like it! Fun activities with the whole getting naked. Shame the weather is cold or I guess we'll see them eat fully naked. Good to see Riis was one of the first who had to remove his clothes too. Really wish to see more of him, both in docu and in Greece, and also his scenes in general.

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