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Back to Greece part 26

We have started to doubt the productivity of our filming team. Whenever we watch footage from other production trips, it's usually made up of hardcore material, photo sessions or organized documentary stories. This trip to Greece is really different. But we realise that what really matters is that the boys have fun at the end of the day. Kevin, Helmut and Jim and the rest create a special ambiance with their jokes and crazy ideas, showing them as they really are. We might still call ourselves lucky to get some „serious“ work done, but we do enjoy watching them laughing, playing, or just simply being themselves. And we hope you do as well. Please enjoy another excerpt from the Back to Greece trip!

Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
Adam Archuleta
Peter Annaud
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Nils Tatum
Jim Durden
Paul Cassidy
Rhys Jagger
d******* - 06/11/2023 2:12:15 AM

Hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when they threw poor Kevin in the shower!

m******* - 04/05/2023 7:50:25 PM


F***** - 02/16/2023 9:45:04 AM

While ChiefWiggum87 makes a correct observation technically, it is difficult to continuously provide the high standard of content week to week. The claim of certain guarantee content should be modified to 'most weeks' or something of that nature. There is a huge volume of content on the site and for the fees charged it is good value, when you look at what is involved in producing this content. Models don't work for free, neither do photographers, editors, production crew. Equipment, accommodation, taxes, insurance, travel costs etc, need we go on to describe the background finances of producing high quality content?

M********* - 02/11/2023 7:34:26 PM

It's naturaly for me, that the boys relaxing and having fun in their free time and enjoying life. Thank you for sharing this moments with us and when the boys naked I'm enjoying this much moore. Hopefully we will see, what they do when they getting horny.

C************ - 02/08/2023 11:47:12 AM

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the advertising promise on the homepage: "2 New XXX Scenes a Week, 1 New Model Every Week!" But this week there is only one hardcore scene, and in many previous weeks too. If you publish a documentary, then two hardcore scenes should be added, not just one plus a photo session. Let's face it, we come here for the hardcore scenes, the rest is just bonus.

t***** - 02/08/2023 7:53:53 AM

It's always great to see the boys having fun, always naked of course.

d******* - 02/07/2023 3:20:12 PM

Very nice for an old goat.

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