Sex scene

Back to Greece part 22

A new day on Mykonos begins with Jerome and Kevin grabbing their cameras and heading to the villa to find out the plan for the day. Our couple, Jerome and Helmut, are again left on their own and get the idea to join Adam Archuleta on the set. The video he shoots on his day off brings Kevin together with his „dream boy“ Yannis Paluan.  With Kevin, Adam, Jerome and Helmut all together on the same set, Yannis needs to stay strong!

Jerome Exupery
Torsten Ullman
Helmut Huxley
Adam Archuleta
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Nils Tatum
Kirk Gauguin
Yannis Paluan
Paul Cassidy
b********* - 10/29/2022 3:32:38 PM

So happy to have it finally acknowledged that Helmut and Jerome are a couple. Now if I can just figure out a way to steal Helmut away....

F***** - 10/28/2022 1:04:16 PM

Guys, don't forget this series is a documentary. A slice of life on this Greek Island, while they are making porn, having fun and being young. We get to glimpse their life while not engaged in sex, and appreciate the beautiful island environment. It is not meant to be a sex video as such. There are hundreds of pure sex videos on this site and trillions elsewhere. The boys are joking around, making fun of Kevin, who they all love. Their ability to act naturally to camera is excellent. Adam and Kevin were in charge here, and as the models get older many take on the role of behind the scenes; their experience in front of the camera investing this latter role with professional knowledge and mentoring to the younger models.

w****** - 10/27/2022 11:12:48 PM

I found this episode very disappointing. It comes across as very contrived and artificial.

t***** - 10/27/2022 8:05:52 AM

I always like these videos they are fun.

g******* - 10/26/2022 3:44:17 AM

Helmut's yawn towards the end says it all. Just when was this made?

d****** - 10/25/2022 6:40:20 PM

I really dislike all these so-called POV vids. The sex is boring BECAUSE the boys are much more interested in showing HOW FELLINI or DEMILLE they can be. C'MON GUYS! Have great sex! That's what you AND I are here for.

d******* - 10/25/2022 3:59:04 PM

It was great for Freshmen just learning the trade in porn. 😎😎😎

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