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Back to Greece part 17

„Don't rent the quad bikes“. This was the smart advice given by GD to the production crew. Alas, they did not pay attention and Jim Durden flipped his bike and hurt his belly and back. Luckily, he only picked up a minor injury but he's still out of production for the time being. For those paying close attention, you can actually see one video (featuring Jim with Peter Annaud) that was shot at the end of the trip. Once the drama was over, the boys continued to explore the island, looking super hot under the Greek sky, while the other boys continued shooting hardcore videos for you.

For those of you interested to know what happened to the quad bike… yes, it was a write-off. So you might call this one of the most expensive videos we've ever made!

Helmut Huxley
Joel Birkin
Kieran Benning
Serge Cavalli
Nils Tatum
Jim Durden
Pierre Cezanne
Elio Chalamet
Allan Aimée
w****** - 08/27/2022 11:02:19 PM

It seems to me that you fell victim to a rogue operator. I don't know much about Greek law but I cannot believe that it is legal in any European country to hire out an uninsured vehicle or one that is mechanically deficient. I feel for poor Jim. The biggest drawback of watching his distress is not being able to give him a consoling hug. Apart from all that I enjoyed watching the boys enjoying themselves in places very familiar to me. Lots of love to all but especially to Jim.

m******* - 08/25/2022 7:59:39 PM

you act like an ass, shit happens

b********* - 08/20/2022 6:31:26 AM

I'm glad to hear Jim is ok, but seeing him get so emotional broke my heart and I coiuldn't enjoy the rest of the video. Part of me wonders if it was necessary to put that on film. Clearly, we see how working for Bel Ami are a lot of these boys livelihoods. He was so afraid of being sent home. Sending him a bunch of big hugs. And he's can hid a lot. Don't keep that sexy from being in front of the camera for long.

V************ - 08/19/2022 5:27:02 PM

Jim Durden is one of my absolutely favorite models but this is the second injury we have seen in recent weeks. Jim seems somewhat accident prone, even thought his one may not have been entirely his fault. I do feel bad for him and love that he doesn't hide his emotions which makes him all that much more lovable. I do hope BA doesn't cut him due to liability issues. Not sure how it works in these situations, but hopefully BAOL carries insurance to cover these type of situation.

g******* - 08/19/2022 5:20:26 AM

Poor Jim. I agree with Allan - Pierre's beard makes him all the sexier.

w****** - 08/18/2022 4:33:21 PM

Aww seeing Jim get so upset breaks my heart. So young & impulsive. I'm glad he's ok though. Hopefully George helps him out & he doesn't get sent home. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him perform a bit banged up, kinda butch & sexy, like a sporting injury. Jim is a real find. He's got face, body, cock, charisma & versatility.

a***** - 08/16/2022 11:23:10 AM

Ouch, I'm sorry 😞 On the bright side everybody would have been careful from that point onward and hopefully the fee you paid won over some of the boys' heart. 😅 I felt kinda sorry for Jim but then he did stick with you guys for quie a bit right? On another note, I can't help but saying that even though I didn't think it before, I'm liking Allan more and more. Wow I didn't even notice he had "bad eyes"? And was he with very little experience then? The way Pierre plays with his body and he just stands there innocently was enticing! I really wanna see their interaction since from day 1 (I know I can't) until the moment Pierre gets inside his body. What a tease.

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