Sex scene

Back to Greece part 15

In this issue‘s behind-the-scenes documentary we get more hardcore action than we are used to. Firstly, we get to see Pip Caulfield satisfying Jim Durden’s needs and then we quickly jump onto the scene with Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan. Beside the sex between the sexy boys, this video is full of nudity and cute boys fooling around.

Jerome Exupery
Torsten Ullman
Helmut Huxley
Adam Archuleta
Peter Annaud
Pip Caulfield
Jim Durden
Riff Dornan
Eluan Jeunet
Yannis Paluan
J******* - 07/24/2022 1:07:05 AM

Someone's complaining about having to rewatch Peter??? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Peter's one of the performers I have set up to be able to rewatch endlessly on my computer and wide-screen TV.

g******* - 07/20/2022 2:06:10 AM

So many beautiful naked guys.

d******* - 07/20/2022 1:20:55 AM

Yannis hope you get better take care of yourself and love you Pip ,my mood like yours depends on the weather..

w****** - 07/19/2022 11:11:21 PM

Poor Yannis, catching man flu on Mykonos! I love the footage of Pip's lovely bum. Can we expect to see a scene with him and Torsten? Lots of love to all featured here.

a***** - 07/19/2022 4:10:00 PM

So this bts is really full of sex! I remember that I like Jim like a lot, he's energetic, expression, and maybe even a bit cocky? Idk now I just kinda know that if he shows up with a hot bottom, then I might have fun! Wish I knew how Jim managed to convince Pip to help him out, but it sure looks hot. Did I even sense some hostility in Jerome? Why, I don't understand? Did Jim frequently ruin some of his plans or directions? Well, I hope it's bearable 😋 The section between Peter and Riff took like half of the bts, which I wonder if it's necessary especially since we've already watched the scene before, but I must admit watching Peter at the begining is quite lighthearted and I enjoy knowing how he preps pre scene and see how Adam shoots his scene and stare disapprovingly at Kevin from time to time 🤣. The mini interview with Pip on BDSM, the ass slapping by Torsten, the iron ass, are all very cute! But I wonder how Pip managed to pretty much steal this bts for himself?

s******* - 07/19/2022 1:34:38 PM

Pip forever!

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