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Back to Greece part 12

A new day on our sunny island brings new adventures and new couplings. Kevin and Jerome are running between locations and filming what's going on backstage, to capture more of your favourites. You have to admit, it would be a pity if we missed all the male beauty on display on the beach, or any of the fun with our rascals. Join Matthieu, Nils, Niko and others at the seaside or sneak a peek at our set with Jason, Elio or Pip.

Jon Kael
Jason Bacall
Nils Tatum
Jim Durden
Niko Vangelis
Elio Chalamet
R***** - 12/19/2022 6:36:38 PM

I always love these Behind the Scenes Documentaries and seeing more of the sexy Bel Ami Boys personalities!

F***** - 10/13/2022 10:12:07 AM

Continuing the extraordinary series blending male beauty, Greek Island beauty, amazing architecture, production glimpses, and boisterous energy of youth.

a***** - 06/22/2022 7:13:39 PM

Gotta say I kinda like watching Jens asleep, and Jim just has energy that no one matches. (Wait speaking of that, you guys haven't paired him with Nikk, or rather have not released it yet? I so wish to see Nikk receiving all that energy) And you guys made Allen do push up right after he gets up, that's harsh! 🤣🤣 And then there's a section at the beach, is this the same thing as what you showed before? I'd really like it if things stay in chronological order and not back and forth 😭

d******* - 06/18/2022 6:28:19 PM

Not enough Elio Chalamet. so sexy and lovely..

M****** - 06/08/2022 4:11:22 AM

Entertaining docu. Nice mix of quick interviews, travel shots, and production moments. Helmut was especially charming. Can you imagine the reaction of the others at the nude gay beach when the BA boys came over the hill? Elio/Jason moments: lovely.

w****** - 06/07/2022 8:29:29 PM

There are many delightful moments in this video but I would have preferred a bit more beach fun to the so-called Jerome/Helmut love affair.

M****** - 06/07/2022 7:36:20 PM

Love Jim Durden 😘😘

b********** - 06/07/2022 5:41:51 PM

Too much Jerome

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