Sex scene

Back to Greece part 11

We are back in sunny Mykonos today and little Kevin is running around a house full of boys. Thanks to his camera we get to see everything happening around a photoshoot featuring Serge Cavalli and Kieran Benning as well as what the boys get up to when they're not filming or being photographed. At one point Kevin decides to follow Yannis Paluan who, after stealing GD’s tea, persuades Paul Cassidy to suck his hard cock. It's a busy day for Kevin!

Helmut Huxley
Kevin Warhol
Kieran Benning
Serge Cavalli
Sven Basquiat
Yannis Paluan
Paul Cassidy
F***** - 10/13/2022 10:14:11 AM

How to download the photos?

w****** - 06/05/2022 3:17:16 PM

It is not like Sven not to muck in when there is some sex on the go. Was he ill?

m******** - 05/31/2022 9:26:26 AM

Love to see Helmut having a shit.

M****** - 05/30/2022 1:24:10 AM

Quick note to @d__day -- this a behind-the-scenes (BTS) episode, not a sex scene. They sometimes include tantalizing naughty moments, but they're not intended for wanking. Enjoy them as you would a trailer, but don't look for a fully developed sexual event. And yes to Va__482: One sex scene for the whole week is disappointing. Pull something from the vault if you're low on new content. I'd enjoy some early Sebby Bonnet material.

d******* - 05/26/2022 1:12:24 PM

It is terrible, not enough of any one scene!!

V************ - 05/24/2022 4:49:33 PM

One Documentary, one sex scene and one photo shoot for the week from Freshman this week. That is pretty slim pickings from my perspective. IMHO there shoul dalways be at least two sex scenes with a Documentary, Photo set, solo, or interview each week.

B***** - 05/24/2022 3:30:20 PM

You could have edited out the nose blow!!!!!!!

m******* - 05/24/2022 11:25:09 AM

Would love to see the full scene of Yannis getting a blowjob from Paul :)

a***** - 05/24/2022 10:42:04 AM

Sweet video! The section where Matthew goes feed everyone cakes, I didn't think it would be much fun to watch, but wow, starting from Riis, he's very cute, look at him, making the sound, at his defeat with cakes on his face. Then continue on with Luke joking about Paul's dick, that's awesome, Yannis's and especially Riis's smile is just great! And aww.. Kevin is being ignored. I wonder what Eluan and Paul was talking about. And wow grabbing Kieran and Serge's cock and use it as his personal microphone, no wonder why he's being pushed out! Haha. And lastly, look at what Yannis was doing to Paul, hot! I wonder what happened with the sweet and innocent Riis!

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