Sex scene

Back to Greece part 10

We usually see the Back to Greece documentary through the eyes of Kevin Warhol. But Kevin overslept, so today we see him running around finding out everything he has missed from the shooting. As Kevin is a lucky guy, he still encounters lots of sex, hard dicks and other sweet treats along the way.

Torsten Ullman
Helmut Huxley
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Kieran Benning
Yannis Paluan
Paul Cassidy
Elio Chalamet
d***** - 05/16/2022 6:37:25 PM

Too much kevin for my taste. Loved the part with Pip and Helmut.

a***** - 05/15/2022 8:48:17 PM

On second thought, I think I kinda like how Kevin, Jerome or Helmut go play with boys' bodies waking them up, hehe! And damn, that sequence with Pip and Helmut, you sure know how to turn viewers on, how Pip was teasing Helmut, how Helmut took him for a spin and hopefully for a fun day, which ended with sex in the evening that part of it Helmut shoot himself, I can't wait to watch it already. And they talked too, hot, do we get to see how Helmut and Pip watch their scene afterward too?😋 And while watching Pip held and being fucked like that, I so wish I could see Riis in Pip's place too, though it's probably too difficult.😭 And why didn't Kevin take someone else for a spin and fuck him too! Wait, and you left us watch bits of Kevin, Yannis, Riis and Paul? I'm gonna be angry if you don't let us watch these four guys have sex soon!😡😇

t***** - 05/13/2022 7:30:29 AM

Pip and Helmut so cute together.

t********* - 05/12/2022 4:34:48 PM

Helmut forever

w****** - 05/10/2022 9:51:52 PM

Beautiful men, beautiful Mykonos. I love watching these documentaries.

g******* - 05/10/2022 7:04:17 PM

I love that Kevin was woken up with a hard dick. That was hot

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