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Back to Greece

Welcome back to Greece. For those who are more familiar with our previous trips to the Mediterranean, we do not have to explain very much. For newcomers, we would like to present to you the first part of an adventurous journey with our boys which will include a lot of handsome guys, nudity, incredible stories, endless amounts of fun and a look into the authentic life of 25 young boys who just want to enjoy life to the fullest.

As you can see in this first part, we have 2 teams travelling to the lovely island of Mykonos. One group, including Yannis, Jerome, Kevin and Sven, travels by car and the second, larger group travels by plane. Before they all meet up in the luxurious villa, we'll take a look at their journeys.

Jerome Exupery
Torsten Ullman
Jon Kael
Adam Archuleta
Joel Birkin
Kevin Warhol
Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Nils Tatum
Sven Basquiat
Niko Vangelis
Riff Dornan
Eluan Jeunet
Yannis Paluan
Paul Cassidy
Bart Cuban
d***** - 07/05/2022 12:44:59 AM

Too much focus on Kevin and Jerome. It's like they are the only ones that matter. Missed seeing more interesting events of the trip.

b********* - 01/09/2022 2:42:23 PM

Wow...Phillipe is still fucking gorgeous. I would love to see him get it on with any of these young studs.

e********* - 01/07/2022 9:07:35 AM

Whats the matter - documentary from greece years ago here and on belamionline?

S****** - 01/06/2022 7:40:24 PM

I can just imagine how much it must cost George Duroy to send all these studs on such a work-vacation.

c********* - 01/05/2022 2:13:09 PM

I guess I am just a real sucker for these scenes....the boys travelling, noisy, boisterous, having fun and, best of all, taking out their sweet, hard dicks from time to time to spend a few special moments jerking off. In the back seat, on deck, wherever.... proudly sharing their cream with us.... Really HOT, especially when gorgeous, hard-as-a-rock little Sven is pulling his sweet pidgeon...

o****** - 01/05/2022 7:28:30 AM

A documentary with no "fresh" faces and filmed at least three years ago; a photo spread and one above average scene this week. I agree with Dougie - Pathetic.

t********* - 01/05/2022 3:35:39 AM

I like Jerome’s chest separation as he jacks off but the cumshot did not fly far. And, Sven’s nipples and abs are hot af but his cumshot did not fly far either. I am really happy to see Jason, Jon, Adam, Bart, Nils, Torsten, Adam, Yannis, and Jerome BUT ESPECIALLY NIIS!!!!!

K***** - 01/05/2022 1:14:24 AM

I’d guess late 2018. Which is fine as many of the Lads have moved on since then. I’m glad you held this series back, love the location and they were in their prime. But aren’t we missing a sex scene ? It is Tuesday.

g******* - 01/04/2022 10:31:26 PM

Must be an antique.

R***** - 01/04/2022 4:17:57 PM

What could be hotter than being on a Trip to Greece with a load of gorgeous, Bel Ami Boys!

G***** - 01/04/2022 3:51:16 PM

I'm looking forward to more impressions from this trip. When was the film shot? As you can see, the guys flew from Germany. And because of the Covid pandemic, it has been mandatory to wear a mask everywhere in public spaces since April 2020. But I don't see masks anywhere. Consequently, the material must be at least 2 years old. It's not bad, I just want to know. Can we also hope to see more of Joel again in the future?

a***** - 01/04/2022 3:38:06 PM

Fun video! though honestly a little short especially given that Greek Salad was almost 20 min I think? Is it the covid? Anyway, here are things that come to mind, I never cared for Joel, but now (or actually, then) he looks quite good. I like his face and his smile, and I think for the same reason I'm super liking Bart. So Joel has hung out with enough Czech boys that he said, vím dobrý! Haha! Probably without knowing anything about what Adam said. The bus gang looks fun, too bad we didn't get too much of their footage, well or I can never have enough. And the four musketeers are just super horny! I'm glad they're careful enough about police. Last two things, Phillipe looks good, so good I wish I can see him bottom in a scene like he did long time ago, and it's fun with Adam and Kevin record the trip, I hope you manage to find replacements when they want a change in scenery of life. Please keep it coming, love you!

P****** - 01/04/2022 2:24:13 PM

With 25 guys, there's bound to be something for everyone, and here we have the excellent Paul, Yannis, and Jon. But (groan) it looks like we're also getting a lot of Jerome. Agree with csam66.

c***** - 01/04/2022 1:13:14 PM

Too much Jerome! Not trying to be an ass, just need a break from Jerome, he's everywhere, focus more on other guys please!

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