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Ayden Mallory & Gene Allen

Ayden Mallory wakes up next to sexy Gene Allen and decides to prepare a delicious breakfast for his friend before he gets up. When Gene finally opens his eyes, he jumps out of bed to join the sexy naked cook in the kitchen. Soon there is a greater temptation than breakfast. Ayden kneels down and between kisses starts sucking Gene’s cock. Gene loves this bottomless blowjob from his sexy friend but wants to take things even further. After rimming Ayden‘s ass, he slides his dick inside his friend. The kitchen counter is the perfect place for some morning lovemaking but our boys are not willing to be restricted. After moving to the bedroom, they keep fucking right up to a messy cumshot. The couple move to the shower where we can admire their bodies for a little bit longer as the water washes away all the cum but not their happy faces.

Ayden Mallory
Gene Allen
D********* - 04/20/2024 6:05:39 PM

Two nice guys! Gene's hair is okay. With Ayden I would have liked to see a bunch of armpit hair and no trimmed pubic area. Too bad because he has a nice dark hairy ass and legs.

g******* - 04/17/2024 1:07:29 AM

They are both terrific and really into the sex. Gene is so handsome from his flat tum, lovely pecs, beautiful hair and his hairy chest. He uses his gorgeous cock wonderfully well. Top guy.

w****** - 04/16/2024 10:16:45 PM

I have always loved Ayden and Gene is a sexy big hunk so they make a great pair. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

b******** - 04/16/2024 4:01:53 PM

Ayden should never be allowed to shave his pubic hair. His hairy hole is incredibly sexy

B***** - 04/16/2024 3:23:43 PM

Gene is wonderful! Ayden never does anything for me, a disappointment! Please no more scenes of sex in the kitchen!

p***** - 04/16/2024 1:02:15 PM

Nice pairing. I like both guys and find Gene to be particularly 🔥🔥

K***** - 04/16/2024 11:19:08 AM

Ayden’s hair should be longer & Gene’s should be shorter.🇺🇦

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