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Ayden Mallory & Kyle Brady

Ayden Mallory’s „bad luck“ leads him to cross paths with Kyle Brady, who happily offers his help and takes him home. When Ayden solves his car troubles, Kyle seduces his new friend, revealing an irresistible body ready to play. Ayden sucks Kyle’s hard cock making clear where this new friendship is heading. Kyle rims Ayden’s hole before he slowly penetrates it from behind on the couch. Kyle fucks his guest from several different angles before cumming over his pink hole. With his ass fully satisfied, Ayden enjoys a blowjob with a happy ending. Before getting back to reality, the guys enjoy a steamy shower making us wonder if this secret romance might soon continue.

Ayden Mallory
Kyle Brady
M******** - 05/15/2024 9:39:51 PM

Very nice, including the shower scene, but why not show the boys when they walk to the shower?

g******* - 05/14/2024 12:25:09 AM

Kyle is a sex god and Ayden so cute. Great rivers of cum.

t********* - 05/11/2024 10:06:57 PM

Both Kyle and Ayden looked best in long hair on their heads and shaved bodies. Ayden’s legs would be much more attractive smooth and tan!

F******* - 05/10/2024 9:33:09 AM

Kyle is just a superb model, muscular with a beautiful cock. His tuft of pubic hair is very sexy and frankly, he's an excellent fucker. Ayden's moans are a real turn-on. The cum flows freely at the end. Kyle in the shower, his cock still hard ..., well done guys! Very nice scene

J******* - 05/09/2024 11:47:44 AM

Nice scene but it would be better without the nasty tatts on Kyle.

D********* - 05/08/2024 5:53:27 AM

Two men I love, sturdy 'stallion' Kyle on the slimmer Ayden, the composition I can enjoy. Beautiful scene!

M*************** - 05/07/2024 5:43:07 PM

Stunning men pleasuring each other to shooting their loads. In Canada where I grew up I guess we weren't as fun as our US neighbors.our high school levels were just numbers, grade 8,9,10,11,12 no Freshman, Sophomore etc. Does Freshmen singularly signify someone who's only been beating off a few years and has little in the way of sexual experience, maybe more Twink than not or as I believe these two the same general age I gather Kyle due to being larger and more muscular than Ayden disqualifies him as being a freshman. I'll look up the definition of Freshman. NOT Why is that necessary. pleasant day everyone.

t****** - 05/07/2024 5:22:20 PM

Ayden deserves a more Freshman like partner

p***** - 05/07/2024 12:24:24 PM

I would have been happy if they spent the whole vid in the shower together. Those cocks are to die for. So 🔥🔥

a****** - 05/07/2024 11:26:00 AM

Kyle and Ayden are two of the manliest guys to grace Belami’s screen. Bothe are handsome with huge hanging and hard cocks with sizable balls ( like Ayden enjoying Kyle’s ball in his mouth) and hairy armpits and plenty of pubes. What jizz each other elicits from each other! Especially like the kissing and affection each shows the other. Their cocks are the envy of us all! More of these guys! A gazillion stars!!!

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