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Ayden Mallory & Kieran Benning

It is Kieran Benning’s lucky day as Kevin, Ayden Mallory’s would-be trainer, has gone AW0L. Ayden is also lucky as Kieran is a cool substitute teacher who decided to toss today’s “lesson plan”. There is no actual “training” in this training session with Kieran electing instead to engage in playful love making with his “student”. Judging by Ayden’s performance, there is little training needed anyway. Regrettably, this is Ayden’s last hardcore scene. However, we do have a great photo-session remaining where he is paired with Jamie Durrell.

Kieran Benning
Ayden Mallory
G********* - 06/17/2024 1:57:54 AM

Not getting the rave reviews of Ayden. He seems timid and boring next to Kieran. And yet again, as too often with Bel Ami, TERRIBLE videography! The beginning of Ayden's orgasm seems to have been completely missed! At least, I'll grant, Kieran's face was shown during his orgasm.

P************* - 02/22/2024 6:25:48 AM

This is truly a fabulous scene. Both Ayden & Kieran looking great as well as giving top notch performances. The video description states this was Ayden's last hardcore scene. Happily there has been a change of mind. Ayden's model page is severely lacking in information about him. That should be rectified now that he is (or at least has been recently) very active wit Bel Ami & Freshmen.

m******* - 07/15/2022 7:14:25 PM

We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to watch Ayden, a beauty beyond the norm. He makes fire seem cold and the sun surrenders to his majestic heat.

l******** - 01/05/2022 12:34:25 AM

I agree with Alexhn500. Scene after scene on this website have insanely long closeup shots that take away from enjoying the extremely attractive models interacting with each other. This one even missed Ayden's cum shot because the cameraman/director was too busy filming yet another blurry closeup shot on the guy's asshole. Please find a happy balance when filming and stop the spastic in and out and all over the map camera work.

A******** - 12/06/2020 12:45:43 AM

A great pairing but why oh why to you waste so much of the sex, particularly at the beginning of it, with close-ups? Don't people want to see the guy getting fucked rather than just a dick pumping in and out of somebody's ass?

R***** - 11/20/2020 7:14:11 PM

Ayden is a very sexy, fit, toned cutie and Kieran is of course a gorgeous stud. I love Kieran's creamy cum shot all over Ayden's furry ass.

b****** - 11/19/2020 8:45:44 PM

I enjoyed the scene & we got to see a rare thing deep throating by Kieran. I am a fan of his & enjoyed Ayden as well. Pity he left but models especially newbies have their own paths to forge & lets keep in mind this is a business & is in it to make money while trying to balance the needs f us the members as well as thir models.

d******* - 11/16/2020 3:28:16 PM

Ayden so cute with lovely eyes, sweet lips to kiss, nice dark hair with gorgeous body and very sweet smile. Would love to fuck him. Kieran still the same. But Ayden what a body with nice cock.

R************ - 10/11/2020 5:22:29 PM

Splendida sega fatta davanti a questo video con vibratore in culo!!!

m********* - 10/09/2020 2:02:34 AM

Kierans moaning is so over the top and false.....stop. His partner however is stunningly good looking and very sensual and authentic.......STOP THE WHINING MOANING

V************ - 10/04/2020 3:20:04 PM

Aiden is certainly cute, albeit a bit thin. He clearly still had a lot more training to do as he barely took Kieran's cock in his mouth and was pretty emotionless/dead pan while being fucked. We also missed his cum shot. I liked the slow methodical tender nature of this scene. Kieran did a great job, is a great kisser, ass eater and fucker and it was overall a good and well shot scene.

h********* - 09/30/2020 3:30:41 PM

Another truly beautiful young hunk is gone. Very sad indeed to see handsome Ayden gone. He is the perfect Freshman guy. Slim but nice body, nice hairy legs, ass and crack, and a very impressive, thick cock. He takes Kieran’s huge dick with ease, and is so turned on that he cums very quickly. Love the sight of his cum-streaked, gaping hole. Ayden, please come back!

A********** - 09/30/2020 2:22:07 AM

Ayden has maybe the most beautiful and sexy face from BA : awesome, wonderful and seems to love to be fucked...... Kieran is very good as always, but I must give 5 billion stars to Ayden ( really very special !!! )

g******* - 09/30/2020 1:59:27 AM

We hardly get to know the beautiful Ayden and then he's taken from us. Shame. Great scene and I loved Kieran's tight underwear and his fabulous boner squeezed in.

J****** - 09/30/2020 12:57:39 AM

Absolutely hot scene with two sexy boys. Please bring Ayden back !!!!

w******* - 09/30/2020 12:18:16 AM

ayden is adorable a veritable young adonis more of him please

w****** - 09/29/2020 9:51:53 PM

A beautiful pairing. Both are certainly lucky, Ayden to be seduced by Kieran and Kieran to get to fuck Ayden. How could you have let Ayden escape after only two scenes? Many thanks and love and kisses to both. By the way, has Kevin been slacking again?

m******* - 09/29/2020 6:20:41 PM

Great scene. Both boys have such pretty feet - wish we could see more of them in action!

t********* - 09/29/2020 6:07:47 PM

Ayden is simply breathtakingly beautiful! He needs a deeper tan and he would be perfect!

S******* - 09/29/2020 3:41:18 PM

We need to see more of Ayden. :)

g********** - 09/29/2020 1:47:47 PM

Ayden is beautiful and it is a great pity he only did two scenes. It would have been great if he had done a sex scene with Jamie, instead of just a photo session. Perhaps he did not enjoy being made to perch on uncomfortable furniture and kitchen fittings when there was a perfectly good bed available. Do not understand why BA keep making their models do this!

p***** - 09/29/2020 12:54:27 PM

Oh, my. I will try to control myself as Ayden has already left us. Pairing him with Kieran was an inspiration and I know I will watch this scene again more than a few times. Please come back, Ayden

b******* - 09/29/2020 12:02:11 PM

Ayden is heart-breakingly beautiful, with a lovely hairy arse.. He's a remarkably good performer for a newbie - most probably gay = and teamed up with another star..

o****** - 09/29/2020 9:56:59 AM

Fantastic scene! A great pleasure for the eyes... and not only... Kieran and Ayden make a so pretty and hot pair!!! Though very quickly Ayden comes and why we don't see the cumshot? Very very too quick filmed! Kieran is superbly powerful! Love the fingering and Ayden's hairy crack is so inviting! Great Kieran's shoot!

u***** - 09/29/2020 9:14:44 AM

Too bad that the last scene is from the model.

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