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Ashton with Kieran & Riff

It's time for our monthly double feature, this time featuring Ashton, Riff and Kieran. Part one opens with Ashton acting the bossy bottom and telling us about his plans for the filming. This first encounter between him and Riff is the more romantic and erotic of the two scenes. In part two they are joined by our resident wild man, Kieran Benning. Riff has two chances here to make his bottoming debut but prefers instead to top in both parts. This is not the first time we have seen Ashton and Riff together - they had a fling over on BelAmiOnline just over a year ago.  We hope that you will enjoy seeing all three guys together again today.

Kieran Benning
Riff Dornan
Ashton Montana
f******** - 03/22/2023 9:28:18 PM

Ashton was so beautiful and sweet and docile, and he really seemed to enjoy sex.

J********* - 05/25/2022 3:42:16 AM

Honestly I love threesomes, they are less boring than twosomes. Some much to keep up and varies. This was hot. Can't take my eyes off Ashton and Riff has that devilish smile . Woof!

m****** - 04/06/2022 4:46:58 PM

10 stars out of five, so sexy, I love the more aggressive fucking! And a sweet facial at the end made me blow!

d****** - 08/23/2021 6:53:20 PM

As always with these guys! GREAT! But...can we please have a delicious, mouth-watering, cock-spewing scene with Kevin pounding Ashton till he yelps in ecstasy?

R***** - 05/04/2021 5:29:15 PM

Ashton looks so sexy worshiping & taking turns to suck Riff & Kieran's big, thick cocks expertly down to their fat balls. So hot to see Kieran feasting on Ashton's tasty hole; while Riff greedily sucks Ashton's juicy cock. But my highlights is seeing cock hungry Ashton spitroasted and having his ass & mouth stuffed full of stiff dick. Then a perfect view of Riff's thick cock lined up against Ashton's ass lips; before being thrust deep inside. Ashton gets a well deserved cum reward; with his freshly fucked ass creamed by Riff and then looks adorable with Kieran splashing his creamy cum in to Ashton's open mouth; coating his tongue and all over his pretty face. A fantastic threesome with a sexy, creamy kiss to finish.

R************ - 04/20/2021 4:39:42 PM

Bei cazzi!

G******* - 04/10/2021 11:35:17 PM

good stuff, especially Kieran's cum. Ashton great as always

V************ - 04/09/2021 4:08:54 PM

Not a fan of threesomes for the most part; not a fan of Riff as I do not find him all that attractive, and I am not a fan of fast and furious/frantic sex, so for me this scene was in some respects thrice frustrating. However there were some positive aspects. Ashton does a great job orally, albeit it was a bit long, Kieran does a great ob of pounding Ashton's hungry hole and Ashton does a great job of taking, the wet and sloppy kissing was good, and Kieran's cum blast with some getting into Kieran's mouth was good. This scene would have been so very much better if it had jsut been Kieran and Ashton and if they had slowed it down a bit to a bit of slower romantic sex and hard pounding.

l********** - 04/08/2021 9:41:39 PM

Here again, Cameraman/Director is insecure in his work, wobbles around, chages zoom/focus to often, afraid of missing something... Performance of our three heroes is very hot.

g******* - 04/07/2021 2:56:17 AM

Loved Riff's final words" I just gotta say that was an awesome fuck:". Ashton opened those big beautiful legs and away they went. Loved the facial from Kieran.

w****** - 04/06/2021 11:09:28 PM

Sheer delight from beginning to end. Many thanks and lots of love to all three.

b******** - 04/06/2021 8:25:23 PM

anything with Ashton in it is amazing. I love that guy. So handsome and sexy

t********* - 04/06/2021 8:17:12 PM

Montana excels in this beautiful scene with Kieran💙 and Riff❤️

s******** - 04/06/2021 7:17:15 PM

BE THANKFUL !!! for this updates...

d******* - 04/06/2021 2:42:11 PM

Okay if you like threesomes which I was never fond of.

h********* - 04/06/2021 1:51:28 PM

As with acquarello, I fast-forwarded a lot. Kieran is hot, and one of three cum shots isn’t wasted, so there is that. But a bit boring. Ashton and Riff just didn’t do anything for me here. Another generous 3* at best.

a********* - 04/06/2021 1:30:02 PM

Three wonderful guys. Both parts of this week's videos are assembled and shot just in the typical way that gives me an intense urge to sleep. The choice of shots and scene cuts make me want to click on "go fast" and then on "stop".

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