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Ashton with Joe & Viggo part 2

Ashton Montana and Viggo Sorensen had quite a moment back in issue 396. In today’s follow-up we catch Viggo dashing out to his camera job. Before he can leave however, he meets sexy Joe Angelli coming in. Suddenly all he cares about is undressing this sexy new guy and maybe giving him some lessons in group sex. Ashton and Viggo take Joe to the couch and soon all three are passionately making out. Joe’s dick is ready for action in an instant so our two experienced boys immediately put their oral skills to use. Joe loves it as the two guys share his cock. After Joe demonstrates his own oral skills, Ashton decides to offer his hole again for some team play. Viggo and Joe share Ashton’s sexy butt and then Viggo’s decides to get fucked by the newbie as well. Joe’s dick brings Viggo to a crashing anal orgasm. Joe and Ashton then land cumshuts over Viggo. We can only hope that a fourth boy could walk in so that the plot can continue.

Viggo Sorensen
Ashton Montana
Joe Angelli
C***** - 07/10/2024 3:43:57 PM


S****** - 07/09/2024 6:08:51 PM

Even watching Viggo in the opening shower scene is HOT. He is such an adorable little muscle bottom with the most AMAZING physique.

l****** - 07/02/2024 1:16:35 AM

Long hair= NO

V************ - 06/30/2024 8:00:40 PM

Viggo is such a hunk and he has such a great ass which was pretty much ignored in this scene. Overall though it was a pretty good scene. Wished that Ashton had cum in Viggo's mouth. He had it open begging for it. He might as well have just kept his mouth closed as it sets one up for disappointment when it doesn't happen. I agree that Joe's hair is ridiculous, but I can overlook it. It doesn't endear him to most of the viewers though.

n***** - 06/30/2024 6:47:02 PM

Sorry. I just can't get over the hair. Make it stop!

g******* - 06/28/2024 3:54:27 AM

Really hot. Ashton is so cock hungry and who can blame him with Viggo and Joe around. His orgasm all over Viggo's chin was awesome. Keep your hair as you want it Joe!

r******* - 06/27/2024 4:32:59 PM

Viggo is the best

D********* - 06/26/2024 8:38:50 AM

BA always thanks for the diversity of boys, they don't all have to look the same to me, otherwise it becomes monotonous. Now also three wonderfully beautiful hot boys. I can taste them all. I don't bother at all by Joe's ponytail, an extra tail can't hurt, can it? And yes, I focus more on the one between his legs.

t****** - 06/26/2024 4:23:39 AM

Ashton makes almost any scene worth watching

J****** - 06/26/2024 1:02:42 AM

Sorry, but Joe is not my favorite ...

B***** - 06/25/2024 5:00:16 PM

Sorry that Joe's absolutely awful hair is a distraction, spoiling the scene for me ....... Ahton and Viggo great as always.

a***** - 06/25/2024 4:25:14 PM

I'm always in if Viggo takes a cock up his ass too. He looks hot and I think he's totally into it.

P****** - 06/25/2024 2:37:34 PM

Viggo is always worth looking at. The others, not so much.

H***** - 06/25/2024 12:53:47 PM

Hot scene, but Joe's hair, can't like it. He's not a Japanese....

d***** - 06/25/2024 11:14:39 AM

This is so beautiful. I love all three of these guys. The penis love is unparalleled in this video. Only us gay guys can really appreciate that.

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