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Ashton Montana & Jerome Exupery

Both sex scenes in todays edition imply that the way to debauchery is through duplicity.  Here, Ashton believes he is there to give Jerome wakeboard lessons and Luke thinks he is there to meet with Kevin.  The only one who knows the truth is the debonair deceiver, Jerome Exupery.   The truth?  Kevin asked Jerome to take over Ashton’s training and he jumped at the opportunity to fuck the sexy newbie and to have it caught on film.  This is Ashton’s second scene and we hope you enjoy him almost as much as Jerome did.  You will see Ashton soon in scenes with Kirk and Riff.

Jerome Exupery
Ashton Montana
V******** - 03/29/2023 1:09:29 AM

Jerome performed to his usual very high standard. I love his playful approach to sex. Ashton, while a bit quieter, has his own sweet assets. Two beautiful men having sweet sex. Can't ask for more.

b****** - 11/12/2020 9:00:10 PM

I loved the scene & like the liveliness of both & that they play to the audience. Again the only negative was Jerome's sucking but gave it a top rating for everything else which they did so well.

h********* - 08/23/2020 8:36:39 PM

I keep trying to really like Ashton, but he just doesn’t do much for me. The fact that Jerome acted silly did not help the scene.

P********* - 05/27/2020 9:24:28 PM

Ashton is very sweet. What a smile!

a******** - 04/11/2020 4:08:42 AM

Ashton has a very sweet boypussy. Sure hope we get to see a lot more of it--close up, spread proudly wide and gaping!

J******* - 02/21/2020 2:30:16 AM

Ashton's cumming while being rimmed reminds me so much of Jarrod Lanvin's superbly sensual scene with Nate Donaghy! Just Pure HOTNESS!!! The rest of this show is just ruined by the mere presence of incessantly irritating Jerome. And Otrebor is (always) right---but Ashton's face is not just the only Pink Carnation here. His ass is Pink Carnation as well! Ashton--Pink Carnation Boy! Woot!

C************** - 02/08/2020 8:52:00 AM

Ashton is beautiful. What a smile! Very sexy.

D************* - 02/02/2020 11:36:47 PM

Ashton Montana is incredible! I love his smile and the way he sticks his tongue out for a tongue kiss. Ashton is such a turn-on for me. Wow! What a find. So lovable. And Luke, please don't compare Ashton to Mick Lovell. Ashton Montana has a more masculine face and is SO much more handsome than Mick Lovell. There really is no comparison, so don't try to make one.

d******* - 02/02/2020 3:45:43 PM

Ashton is so very handsome as his lips are so luscious with lovely body and abs with nice cock to suck. Both did a wonderful job. Jerome likes curly hair and loves to suck Ashton's cock..

s************* - 02/01/2020 8:19:38 AM

Both boys did a GREAT job! A beautiful scene! And like always, Jerome gives a superb performance!

b******* - 01/30/2020 11:58:35 PM

I'm quite sure that soon Ashton will be one of the biggest names on BA and FM. No doubt about it.

g******* - 01/30/2020 10:48:16 PM

Beautiful and if Ashton's early cum indicates his level of enjoyment, then I'm happy. Jerome does a good job.

V************ - 01/30/2020 4:57:38 PM

Not a great scene at all even as a training video. 1) I am not a big fan of Jerome and he does nothing for me in this video. 2) Ashton's cuming so early was a real negative. On the positive side I do think Ashton has potential. He reminds be a bit of Mick Lovell in his physical characteristics, facial looks and expressions, hair style, and fat dick. But he would really benefit by putting some muscle on. I give the scene three stars, but look forward to seeing how Ashton progresses.

R************ - 01/30/2020 1:30:26 PM

Vorrei tanto essere scopato da Jerome!!

u***** - 01/29/2020 9:53:45 PM

The scene was good in itself, but the cut of the scene was not. The beginning was good, but the ending wasn't. The last sex position just doesn't appeal to me. Still gave it five stars.

b***** - 01/29/2020 11:20:22 AM

It is Ashton who is making this scene, he is very handsome, pleasant, sexy and just adorable. I am looking forward to his upcoming scenes with Kirk and Riff, both better partners for him than Jerome. To me it seems Jerome is failing as a teacher and coach: the first thing a teacher and coach should know is that he should focus on his pupil, not on the supervisor (or in this case the cameraman), I find Jerome’s continuous communication with the cameraman very annoying. For Ashton’s sake I rate this episode 5 stars, because of Jerome at the very low end of such a rating though.

d*** - 01/28/2020 4:31:13 PM

A-fucking_dorable...I had to make up a new word to describe this scene with these two cuties. I think Ashton will be bottoming a long time at BelAmi/Freshmen. He is stunning and as well Jerome is awesome. Yes, bring Helmut in for a threesome...please...💕d.r.

a********* - 01/28/2020 2:39:21 PM

God how wonderful these creatures are! Some of your cameramen are getting really good. Scene one and scene two, two perfect videos, to be seen and viewed several times. And... It's not very poetic to say, but ... when you have to say it, you say it. Ashton has a beautiful hole in his ass, it deserves our full attention. So next time, cameraman, get over the label: sink more and more if you like it too, please! 5 stars. Very funny issue this week. Good job, everyone!

a***** - 01/28/2020 12:34:32 PM

Awesome 💕

a***** - 01/28/2020 10:31:51 AM

Oh wow I actually like this scene a lot ! I know you guys said this scene is Ashton's training but I still wonder how many scenes have he shot to this point. There are many things I like here, Ashton with this hairstyle (I like his current one but this shows primitivity.) Despite how people or you guys talk about not having models staring into cameras, for training scenes, I like this a lot, his look amazed me and showed how new he was at the time ! His eyes rolling back uncountably many times, when he came being rimming, upon a deep penetration. Some close ups mean I get to see his goosebumps. Some of his facial painful expression is hot, and while sometimes I like to see it in a hardcore scene when a model gets roughed up (prob. not on this site), here it's because the bottoming experience is new and I find it very hot to see. I know people complain of dicks not hard, I don't mind that here either, it's kinda nice contrast to the scene with Kirk. And because of you guys, I'm getting more and more into nipple licking. And it's cute that he barely spoke in the scene, how shy and reserved was he then ! I know he and Tom took a couple of trips with Jerome and Helmut, I hope that while he's having fun with the trip, both his and Tom's holes are regularly filled !

a********* - 01/28/2020 10:29:51 AM


R********* - 01/28/2020 10:22:45 AM

Sorry ,but for me its more than enough Jerome,he is to nervous.And besides this scene has nothing to do with love.It's a pure show ..And above all things i look principally to magnificent Ashton.This attractive boy merit better

o****** - 01/28/2020 10:12:48 AM

Nice! Love Aston's pink face carnation!

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