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Ashton Montana & Benoit Ulliel 

There’s much we will learn in this scene featuring Ashton and Benoit. First, we find out that Benoit has difficulty counting to twenty. Generally, this is not a task we require of our models so maybe he was just caught off guard at the unexpected demand of higher mathematics. Our second revelation is that Ashton has no time for hide and seek, preferring to be at home, naked and masturbating. While all this seems cryptic, it will become clear when you watch the video. Our director Kevin decided to add some variety letting Ashton cum before the fucking begins. Or maybe it’s because Benoit’s oral skills are so good that Ashton doesn’t even think of his buddy’s needs until after he shoots his load all over Benoit’s face. Perhaps feeling guilty over this faux pas, gentlemanly Ashton offers his ass for recompense. This is an offer Benoit happily takes, fucking Ashton’s eager ass until he shoots a huge and creamy load.

Benoit Ulliel
Ashton Montana
R***** - 11/23/2020 3:42:34 PM

Ashton is very sexy; with a fit, toned body and big dick. I love his cute face and he looks even more adorable with his cheeks flushed bright red as sexy Benoit fucks him.

V************ - 11/15/2020 8:59:20 PM

Ashton, with his rosy cheeks and big dick remind me a bit of Mick Lovell though Ashton is much taller. I thought it was very unfortunate that Ashton jacked off before the fuck and I agree with will911 that the lighting was very poor in parts, especially underneath. I also just thought it was poorly filmed overall. so much so that I found myself fast forwarding in parts. So I vassolated between giving it 3 stars or 4 and decided to be generous and give it 4 though it is probably more of a 3.5 star scene.

G******* - 11/14/2020 11:52:16 PM

This was great. Benoit knows how to fuck, Ashton knows how to take it. We enjoyed how Benoit used the extra furniture to get Ashton angled the way he needed him to. Oh - and Ashton's cum shot was great. Loved how it was in Benoit's hait when he started fucking him.

d******* - 11/13/2020 6:40:58 PM

Ashton has lovely body with nice balls to suck, sweet lips to kiss, lovely tits with those rosy cheeks,nice cock to suck and Benoit so slim but Ashton makes me horny. I could make love to Ashton any time.

s********* - 11/12/2020 10:52:15 PM

Ashton looks so much like one of my exes, it kinda freaks me out. Those bright red cheeks get me so horny. My bf was a top, though, and I'd love to see Ashton in that role with his big, beautiful cock. And Benoit can fuck me anytime! I love when he really gets wound up! He'd make me cum multiple times!

b****** - 11/12/2020 7:51:17 PM

Great passion between them all was top rate but Benoit's sucking. Still worthy of 5 stars.

R************ - 11/12/2020 4:29:54 PM

Ashton prende il cazzo in culo con una grande maestria e un grande desiderio!!!

b******* - 11/12/2020 4:09:38 PM

That is why I've kept my BA membership for all these years. Can it get any better than this?

g******* - 11/12/2020 7:02:34 AM

I love the big, hunky Ashton being fucked and Benoit is certainly an enthusiast! Ashton cumming early was fine and then Benoit's warm down licking up his cum and fingering Ashton's beautiful hole was wonderful.

J****** - 11/10/2020 8:59:12 PM

Almost every scene with Benoit is a highlight for me, so many thanks for this hot vid! Also Ashton is always so hot to watch! I also want to see Ashton sometimes on top, so that would have been a perfect opportunity for a hot FlipFlop scene (especially because Benoit is a perfect an passionate bottom).

a***** - 11/10/2020 6:38:12 PM

Speaking so much about precum and we finally get it, you guys are awesome!

h********* - 11/10/2020 6:04:28 PM

An ok scene, even though the first three minutes were wasted. Very inconsistent editing and poor lighting. Liked Benoit eating Ashton’s cum. Ashton, however, was limp through the whole fucking part, which is unusual for him.

t********* - 11/10/2020 5:17:29 PM

Loved the casting for this scene but would have preferred Ashton to have cum as he was being fucked. But, much better models and scenes this week than last!!!

W****** - 11/10/2020 4:46:44 PM

Excellent scene but very badly lit in parts. Ashton is a special talent. Not only is he ridiculously handsome, he clearly loves being fucked. Still want to see him top though. I thought Benoit excelled as a top in this scene and gave his best performance to date.

t********* - 11/10/2020 3:30:42 PM

Ashton is your most beautiful and sexy model nowadays. To be perfect he should be more versatile and top sometimes. Otherwise we know beforehand how it’s gonna pass without any tension or surprise. Benoit is great in any role. But Ashton is the top whilst bottoming

p***** - 11/10/2020 12:05:41 PM

Delightful. Both of my favorite guys are inspired here. Benoit in particular. And, I thought Kevin's camera work was fine.

o****** - 11/10/2020 9:27:05 AM

Pretty scene! Ashton enjoys so much to be fucked! He is magnificent! Benoit like sex games very much too! Nice!

H***** - 11/10/2020 9:21:00 AM

Cute, eager, hot boys poorly filmed by the cameraman. Again the top has no butt, lots of times bad, real bad light for the filming! Poorly filmed scene of two hot guys who deserved so much better!

r*********** - 11/10/2020 9:18:37 AM

Ashton, my Ashton, the new super boy of BA. I love how he reacts to Benoit and the enjoyment he clearly got from this fucking... Sorry user81, this is a LOT better than a "Nice scene" - the same response you gave to the Leto scene.

u***** - 11/10/2020 9:03:02 AM

Nice scene.

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