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Ashton Montana & Alan Cartier

Alan Cartier is back today in his third hardcore appearance. After seeing him play both top and bottom, we decided to pair him with the experienced Ashton Montana and see what happens. Clearly, Ashton prefers to bottom so our newcomer will get to show his topping skills once again. The boys do not lose any time in starting the action. After mutual blowjobs, Alan licks his partner’s ass to prepare him for the penetration to come. Ashton loves getting fucked and Alan works tirelessly to bring him to anal orgasm. When Ashton cums, Alan continues to fuck him until cumming all over his ass.

Ashton Montana
Alan Cartier
G********* - 06/13/2024 8:12:19 AM

I'm with liliom (2/22/2023): "WHY MUST EVERY SCENE END WITH THESE UNBELIEVABLY BORING ASSHOLE-CUMSHOTS????????????" The quality of videography sucks in other ways too. We get some view of Ashton's face when he comes, but the camera wanders around aimlessly, cutting his face out of frame, just when we want a SUSTAINED and STEADY view of his beautiful expression, his head thrown back in ecstasy in the throes of his orgasm! And then, capping it off, the inexplicable OUTRAGE that we get NO VIEW AT ALL of Alan's face during HIS orgasm! This is an inexcusable CRIME for a model as beautiful as Alan. George Duroy's vision for Bel Ami has truly been trashed and abandoned by the lazy incompetence of the current camera operators.

j********* - 03/17/2023 1:42:54 AM

Delicious pairing.. Thank you, Freshmen

b******* - 03/03/2023 12:59:11 AM

So good to see Ashton again! And what nice company he has!

g******* - 03/01/2023 3:13:42 AM

I love seeing Ashton smile as he's being fucked and Alan is a dreamboat. That big load of his should have been sprayed over Ashton's beautiful face.

l***** - 02/22/2023 4:44:43 PM


B********* - 02/17/2023 11:30:20 PM

I was going to rave about this scene. I've been watching Bel Ami films since George Duroy's first film in 1993. And Ashton Montana is one of Bel Ami's great beauties. [I reserve the term, "beauty," for born bottoms like Ashton. He should never be forced to top. She's so wonderfully fuckable!] He has a gorgeous face. A fabulous set of 8-pack abs. A magnificent huge thick cock with a well-defined under-chamber, as shown in the 3rd screenshot at the far right. He deep-throats with the best. And he cums while being fucked--he loves it so much. So his ass must open as wide as his throat--though we never see it. But the editing--or the lack of it--spoils the whole thing! After Ashton cums, the film should cut to Alan's pulling out and shooting. Instead, Ashton continues to get fucked on his back. Only now with his legs crossed to hide his limp cock till Alan can work himself up into cumming. This isn't Bel Ami quality porn. Now that Ashton has cum, the pressure is on Alan to blow a load too. But alas! He's a self-conscious newbie. This is not what the Rolls Royce of porn should show us. Such editing hurts the brand. And those who've driven George's Rolls as long as I have think this one ran off a cliff.

M********* - 02/17/2023 7:23:44 PM

Amazing sweet bodys and hot sex

J****** - 02/16/2023 12:49:19 AM

Absolutely hot. Love the newbie Alan. Hope to see mutch more of him in future.

d******* - 02/15/2023 2:24:30 AM

Ashton, so sexy and those luscious lips to kiss, you let your hair grow back out it looks great, Alan you also were great very nice body with lovely cock to suck.👄👄

t****** - 02/14/2023 11:17:55 PM

Very, very sexy and hot xoxo

n***** - 02/14/2023 9:53:24 AM

blows my mind :-)

r*********** - 02/14/2023 9:14:30 AM

Two incredibly hot guys.

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