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Ashton Montana

Words. Are there any that can properly describe the reality of Ashton? Young, handsome, hung, charming and tall would be a few of the descriptions. While many of our models are above average height, at 6’5” Ashton towers over most of them. Ashton had been with us only two months when we decided to throw him in the deep end, sending him to Balaton to shoot our BootCamp series. Fortunately, he and his penis rose to the occasion and he thrived. Judging by the words we’ve read in the comments about him you will be eagerly looking forward to more from our future star. 

Ashton Montana
S********* - 07/14/2023 3:13:36 AM

No. He's not the guy on the Freshmen login page. I'll come back if I ever figure out who that guy is. Ashton is tall and cute and his face gets heated up when he's jacking off. These are all good details--sometimes these guys kinda look a lot alike--in a good way. I need to try to focus a bit on some of the younger guys to find some new favorites.

j********* - 03/18/2023 7:58:33 PM

So beautiful. And my height, too! Kevin must be a real gift. He's so lovely with the newbies and helps put them at ease. Ashton's bod is very beautiful and perfectly muscled. No more needed. Perfect boy-next-door!

b********* - 03/07/2023 7:30:58 PM

Driving me nuts trying to figure this out. Is Ashton the cover model on the Freshmen login page? The guy laying in a gray chair with the login box covering his chest? He has the look, the eyes and the lips but still not quite sure. I love both of them whoever they are. Ashton is gorgeous from head to toe. He could be my boyfriend any day.

a******** - 09/09/2020 2:32:51 AM

What a disappointment not to have his sweet asshole displayed. When will you ever learn that we love boypussy every bit as much as boycock....some of us moreso. Please: do not neglect the derriere--spread it wide for all the faithful!

P********* - 05/27/2020 10:54:48 PM

Such a rare gem! Such a pleasure to behold

R***** - 04/16/2020 6:17:55 PM

Ashton is gorgeous; with a very sexy, long, lean body and a very cute, boyish face (and bouncing balls as he stroked his big cock to tasty, creamy orgasm). I love a boy who tastes his own cum and Ashton had a very sexy smile as we say his spunk on his lips and tongue. I'd love to his luscious, kissable lips wrapped around a big, thick cock.

G***** - 04/16/2020 3:38:49 AM

Definitely my favorite.

d******* - 04/09/2020 10:48:28 AM

Ashton a real doll with those sweet lips to kiss. What a lovely body so stunningly gorgeous. Hope to see more of this doll.

D************* - 04/04/2020 2:51:12 AM

Ashton Montana is so sexy , lovable, and beautiful. Ashton has the two most important things I like in a man: A handsome face and a huge hard cock! I loved the sexy facial expressions and the cameraman did a great job with the lighting and the close-ups. And what a great ending: a great cum-shot and the way he ate his own cum and then stuck his tongue all the way out like that was a real turn on for me. I give it five stars or more if I could.

w****** - 04/01/2020 6:17:32 PM

Not the most charismatic guy I've ever seen(poor Kevin really had his work cut out for him) but wow what a beauty & tall as well & that dick! Stunning. His aloofness is almost comical though but he more than makes up for it. I think this "interview" could've been summed up with him simply saying, "I'm straight & here for the money" heh. Either way I look forward to seeing more Ashton.

m********* - 03/31/2020 1:17:42 AM

Very dull

R************ - 03/15/2020 11:57:29 PM

Il ragazzo avrà un avvenire perchè gusta la sua sborra. Questo fatto mi induce a farmi una sega in suo onore.

s******** - 03/15/2020 5:28:25 PM

That a boy, always clean up after

V************ - 03/15/2020 4:29:07 AM

The interview was worthless. He is either very boring or very closed. No personality at all. The filming of the solo was horrible. Kept giving us close ups of the top two inches of his cock, close ups of his lips, close ups of his abs etc. Like two inches close. I kept having to fast forward just to get through it. I did like that he did look at the camera and tried to appeal to his audience in a sexy way. Nice one shot cum shot, but then it was done. Liked that he tasted his own cum. Would have like to see him scoop it up and then put it in his mouth. Anyway, he is nice enough looking.

E********** - 03/11/2020 9:07:42 PM

At last, the cream of the crop! We've waited so long for Ashton Montana. May he continue with BelAmi and Freshmen for many more episodes! And to think he's going to be with the beautiful Jason Bacall next week....can life get any better!!! Thank you BelAmi. Please bring us Tom Houston soon.

b***** - 03/11/2020 11:49:32 AM

Ashton is very handsome and such a pleasure to look at. He seems to have a very relaxed personality, maybe a bit too relaxed. For me a bit more enthusiasm would make him much more attractive, but he is still young, he could grow into it.

w****** - 03/10/2020 10:08:26 PM

Go to the moon? Why? There is nothing to drink and no atmosphere.

a******* - 03/10/2020 9:37:30 PM


S******* - 03/10/2020 7:21:25 PM

This is a very handsome guy ! He seems to just be bottoming; but, I'd love ❤️ to him top a short twink bottom like Pip or Sven!

x****** - 03/10/2020 6:51:36 PM

I'd love to caress every inch of Ashton's beautiful body!

B***** - 03/10/2020 1:53:32 PM

ashton is a work of art but these solo scenes are always so disappointing. where are the ass shots? maybe some ass play? something else than having him lay on his back in one position for 12 minutes. so boring.

g********** - 03/10/2020 1:26:02 PM

Beautiful boy and a great addition to the BA stable. Look forward to seeing a lot more of him. Would love to see him paired with Jamie, Eluan, Christian (we do not see nearly enough of him) and your handsome new hunk Olaf (they would make a stunning pair).

p***** - 03/10/2020 11:23:05 AM

We didn't learn very much about Ashton in this interview but his slender body & nicely decorated equipment will keep me coming back

g******* - 03/10/2020 11:11:58 AM

Loved the cum eating and the seductive eyes!

N******** - 03/10/2020 11:00:59 AM

I can't decide if he's bored or nervous but he certainly doesn't seem very exited by the whole idea.

R********* - 03/10/2020 10:28:39 AM

absolutly,i am eager to see much more of him.When i see such a beautiful men i can hardly wait.He is a real greek ephebe,a modern Apollo:with the most perfect body i ever seen,an unbelievable attractive and sensual face,and his deep voice make me weak.,his seducing masturbation was alluring.MUCH,MUCH MORE with this splendid boy. PS Mr Duroy,why can i not insert comments on the belami site?

o****** - 03/10/2020 9:21:21 AM

A dream boy! Gorgeous, sexy, elegant, charming! Just his cumshot is a little bit deceiving...Happily he tastes his cum greedily!

u***** - 03/10/2020 9:06:14 AM

Finally, the interview. I'm curious what he tells about himself. Another Ashton scene next week, you spoil us.

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