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Antony Lorca & Christian Lundgren

This scene was originally scheduled for Kinky Angel’s September issue as Antony Lorca’s introduction.  Since we already had one strong scene from Greece in that edition we decided to move this all the way to December.  We suspect you’ll enjoy it just as much now as you would have then.  Think of it as an early present- a great start for the month of Christmas.

Antony Lorca
Christian Lundgren
t********* - 02/27/2021 12:25:53 PM

Two handsome studs enjoying some great sex!

d******* - 01/26/2020 6:50:32 PM

Both so nice to watch.

s********* - 12/24/2018 1:41:40 AM

I prefer shaved bums

a******* - 05/08/2017 9:56:50 PM

Christian Lundgren has also had his bum shaved - boring

s******* - 12/19/2016 2:05:00 AM

This vid is simply perfect, nothing else to say1

c********* - 12/15/2016 3:00:18 PM

Superb pairing of these two beautiful men in an idyllic setting. Anthony's erotic re entry made for a perfect 10 in every aspect of the art of male erotica! Bravo

x******* - 12/12/2016 9:27:01 AM all details!! Antony's perfect....and perfect for Christian!

s******** - 12/12/2016 1:58:42 AM

That's an ultimate pounding... wow

b***** - 12/09/2016 11:26:16 PM

Although I am not a big fan of Antony, I must admit that his pairing with Christian is more than adequate. Christian of course is a blonde god!

J****** - 12/09/2016 6:47:50 PM

What a glorious session of real love-making! I especially enjoyed Antony's display of strength as he lifts Christian and carries him "across the threshold". Is strength ever not a turn on? Also, later it was delightful to see Christian lying back with his hands behind his head, just enjoying being FUCKED by his virile partner. Please keep both these guys around for a long time!

t********* - 12/09/2016 9:47:16 AM

Lorca is your best star today! Vigorous and a male beautiful semigod like. And Landgreen takes him as a champ. Congratulations! You Just made a new Classic

m******* - 12/08/2016 11:11:06 PM

Superb... more more more of them... nice view location (not just in a room for sex)...

J******** - 12/08/2016 3:43:43 PM

I like the scene towards the end when having lubricated his partner's anal pussy he then lubricates his glans and shaft with the luscious and abundant seminal explosion. What a virile and breathtaking nice action. Yes, perfect.

o****** - 12/07/2016 6:40:02 PM

Breathless, speechless, suffocating!!! Words miss me... Grand Beauty! Burning love! Not great talented performers but just two magnificent lovers! Grandiose artistic realization! Never such a so hot and awesome love scene! A myriad of constellations!!! That said, I 'm sorry to mix my enthusiasm with a complain. I can't understand why GD, you have the cruelty to not let your customers downloading the images! What is the problem George?

x****** - 12/06/2016 7:34:47 PM

In Pic#1 above, Christian seems to be saying.."take me in your arms, show me all your charms." Antony does just that!!

m******* - 12/06/2016 7:23:42 PM

so much so much stars for this spectacular boys so hot and excitant, i shar in all the thought of Sidemoon and Geoffry27

s***** - 12/06/2016 4:10:51 PM

An exquisite and vigorous scene. Antony is breathtakingly stunning and flawless. Antony is an excellent love-maker too, giving Christian a great pounding. Christian is a superb, angelic beauty, and I really enjoyed this scene. This scene gets ★★★★★ from me.

t****** - 12/06/2016 12:47:02 PM

Antony such muster of deep-throating and experienced lover.

r*********** - 12/06/2016 11:47:24 AM

Unsurprisingly awesome - in spite of no foreskin, Lorca's cock works rather well. Two tall boys making strong virile magic. Hoping to see Christian sunning himself in Cape Town again one day. Thanks guys.

S******* - 12/06/2016 11:25:35 AM

A scene of truly otherworldly, ethereal beauty, - just too marvelous to be true. Everything in it is brilliantly perfect, - a classical combination of a golden Scandinavian beauty with dark Mediterranean one, a burning, raw passion between Christian and Antony (their mutual desire, pleasure and joy are so palpable that to call it "chemistry" is an insult), a choice of location, filming, light, - an immortal classics for all the next generations of BA fans to watch and admire. A universe of stars for such a masterpiece of erotic art! :)))))))))))))))))

a***** - 12/06/2016 11:21:57 AM

That was a pounding.

g********* - 12/06/2016 11:07:43 AM

This marvellous coupling was as close to perfection as anyone has the right to expect. Two stunning, well contrasted, beauties with great personal and sexual chemistry between them, made love in a beautiful location. They complement one another brilliantly - a well endowed strong top and a bottom who seems completely fulfilled, even close to ecstasy, while being pounded.He comes while being fucked and, in a near perfect ending, Antony unloads on his well used hole, makes a deep re-entry, and is still inside for their final kiss. It looks as though Mykonos, June 2015, will go down as one of the most productive episodes in BA history.

a********* - 12/06/2016 10:29:55 AM

Fortunately Lundgren excessive blonde achromasia is balanced by Lorca beautiful dark shade.

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