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Andre Boleyn & Justin Saradon

This video contains a tease. Not quite as big a tease as Kevin or Andre, but a tease. When you see Kevin and Justin in the opening you’ll no doubt anticipate watching Kevin pound the lucky newcomer. Some may be disappointed that Luke decided to give the enviable task to Andre instead. But I have faith you’ll get over this disappointment and enjoy the scene anyway.

Andre Boleyn
Justin Saradon
x******* - 03/15/2017 5:40:21 AM

Superb action, with beautiful men!! What could be better?!

M********* - 03/14/2017 10:26:40 AM

Justin! Justin! JUSTIN!!! Justine and Andre are a super HOT duo! What a superb bottom! It was PURE pleasure watching him receive a wonderfully delivered fuck.

w*************** - 03/13/2017 10:08:42 AM

Justin may not have the best bod or the biggest cock of the new guys but he is one hell of a sexual performer and a cute guy. He perfectly complemented Andre's energy and charm.

m***** - 03/11/2017 2:35:38 PM

Justin is horrible, why is he on your site. I never want to see him again.

L****** - 03/09/2017 8:49:36 PM

Great to see Andre again. More please!

b******** - 03/09/2017 6:55:05 PM

Justin looks like underage street trade, sorry.

s******* - 03/09/2017 11:59:05 AM

Andre, Andre... ANDRE !!!!!! Nothing else to add!

a****** - 03/08/2017 9:13:53 PM

Excellent scene between the veteran handsome Andre and the hot rookie Justin. Oh, how I do like Andre's dark hard big cock in action!!!

r*********** - 03/08/2017 4:32:08 PM

Although I suspect this scene was shot over two days and not in one consecutive sequence, its appeal is superb. Teejay's perceptive eye for the perfect spoken line on camera, as well as the other he mentioned last week: Andre: "I'm kind of your boss now. And you have to obey me" are two classy intellectual moments. I way prefer Justin's haircut here. He's just gorgeous. Tooo cute for words. I loved Andre's sweaty face half way through the movie. Hey. Surely he knows by now that if he intends to shoot into someone's mouth, he cannot hope to do so some centimetres above the boy's mouth pointing somewhere beyond the mouth. Just put it in Justin's mouth, darling and, well, shoot. But hell, what he actually did made great sex vid - I know! I know, boys! Justin's precious smile at the end was wonderful having taken the Boleyn hard pride and shooting joy up his bum so willingly. Five, whole, glittering stars.

f********* - 03/08/2017 11:20:52 AM

Oh how I wish Justin never looses that sweet innocence he has on him still... turns me ON! ;)

S********* - 03/08/2017 11:19:05 AM

Bollicao folla muy bien.

c********** - 03/08/2017 10:55:08 AM

Spoiling and severe teasing us with multiple cum shots....going to get very used to that....what a tandem...Justin and Andre...pure erotic sensual play...and Andre's cum shots are right there with Kris and Jack and Adam....what a wonderful scene...more of these...and more multiple cum shots...thanks

x****** - 03/07/2017 8:35:03 PM

Ahhh, the cutie-pie Andre gets the pleasure of "training" Justin (who doesn't need much training). Cum to me baby, and they do just that! :p

T***** - 03/07/2017 12:34:10 PM

"Now I'll put my dick in your mouth and you'll be just fine." Quite. Justin is a quick learner and indeed anyone who has visited him on chat will know that he is an uninhibited sensualist. Cute, too, with a better hairstyle than in previous appearances. As for Andre he is looking magnificently lean and fit, his features a little more angular now that he is older. It's difficult to praise this scene highly enough and I agree with Sidemoon and bwjant. "Fabulous!" as the latter says.

a********* - 03/07/2017 11:51:44 AM


S******* - 03/07/2017 10:56:42 AM

Tell whatever you want, guys, but as a top Andre is even better than he was as a bottom, - a true Roma lover, fiery hot, passionate, tender and very, very expert and skillful. And Justin is simply made for bottoming, oozing his pleasure with his every pore. To put it short, this so-called training scene has turned to be a mindblowing lovemaking, and Caravaggio was crying bitterly in heaven while watching it, - for not being able to paint such a gorgeous couple! :)))))))))))

b***** - 03/07/2017 10:42:08 AM

Andre and Justin are superb! I love this beautiful pairing where Andre is the master of course (or the boss as he puts it 😊) and Justin proves to be an apt and sultry pupil. I doesn't happen too often that both models cum twice, but both Andre and Justin manage perfectly. Maybe that was easy this time as it is obvious that both models were heavily turned on by each other. And who wouldn't be turned on by Andre or Justin. Fabulous!

b******* - 03/07/2017 10:35:50 AM

Fantastic scene. I loved the detail - the view of Justin's armpit hair as he lay back being fucked, and the close-up of his hole waiting to be covered by Andre's cum.

s***** - 03/07/2017 10:32:37 AM

Justin has become one of my cherished favourites. Justin is impeccably stunning and glowingly exceptional. Justin is on track to becoming an all-star. The renowned and delightful Andre also took a liking to Justin :-) . A remarkable scene.

g********* - 03/07/2017 9:57:40 AM

No scene with Andre can ever disappoint, and Justin proves to be a very apt pupil in this delightful coupling.

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