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Andre Boleyn & Fabien Jacq

For this KinkAngels special edition we thought you’d enjoy seeing Andre in his role as trainer for Fabien Jacq.

This turned out to be an easy “work” day for Andre as Fabien needed little training. With such an eager pupil, Andre is equally eager to impart all the skills necessary to be a top porn performer and finds Fabien to be proficient in all. Our twinky newbie is the bottom for this encounter and due to his inexperience Andre is a bit more gentle than normal. As Fabien seems to have no trouble handling the girth of his buddy’s cock, perhaps Andre could have gone harder. However, Fabien’s blissfully happy smile the entire time he’s being fucked indicates that Andre did it exactly right.  

Andre Boleyn
Fabien Jacq
d*********** - 10/29/2023 9:01:17 AM

I love to see Andre´s ass while he fucks Fabien´s ass 👍🏼

g***** - 12/25/2021 11:22:52 PM

Lave Fabien's furry butt cheeks. Wonderful.

m*********** - 10/03/2020 11:21:08 AM

I like Fabien, cute and sexy

S********* - 08/29/2020 7:13:50 AM

Fabien is gorgeous, Andre is awesome.

R***** - 08/24/2020 1:27:38 PM

Fabien is a gorgeous. sexy cutie; with a fantastic smile and furry ass.

s******* - 08/15/2020 8:03:42 AM

Fabien is so cute and hot. He is simply a gay man’s dream. He has probably the most beautiful butt at BA.

h********* - 08/12/2020 7:09:22 PM

“Did you like it?” I loved it. Fabian is a jewel. He might look innocent, but that hairy, gaping hole says otherwise.

V************ - 08/11/2020 6:51:13 PM

A perfect match! Beautifully performed and excellently filmed! The full ass side view of Andre fucking Fabien, and then from the rear view as well, and the amount of time devoted to these views was absolutely fabulous! And then the sit fuck was absolutely the best I have seen with all of the tender kissing and tongue play and Fabien all the while bouncing up and down on Andre's huge tool. Fabian truly looked like it was a pleasure throughout to take Andre's massive cock full to the hilt, smiling and enjoying it all. This was a ten star performance and filming job to be sure!

s************* - 08/06/2020 8:29:41 AM

One of the hottest scenes in recent memory! Put this scene on dvd, ASAP! I’ll buy 10 copies! There are no words. Scorching hot, describes the 2 boys...don’t know who’s hotter, Andre or Fabien?! As soon as they started kissing, I knew we were in for a magical & special performance. And I sure wasn’t disappointed, electricity filled the scene from beginning to the end! There are NOT enough stars to describe what I just watched....❤️

t***** - 08/02/2020 12:49:28 PM

Andre is a Man God Angel as always, I oculd watch Andre all day every day forever. Fabien is a delight of course and my god that cute fluffy arse hole of is is lush.

b******* - 08/01/2020 9:00:52 AM

I agree with Williec : I have always thought that Fabien's arse is one of the highlights of this site.

w****** - 07/29/2020 10:45:35 PM

At times here I wondered who was training who.The star of the show is Fabien's beautiful ass. I am glad that it features so prominently throughout.

R******** - 07/29/2020 7:30:21 PM

Great episode and with ease the better one of the new episodes this week.

b***** - 07/29/2020 1:08:30 PM

This episodes just proves that beautiful, sweet and adorable Andre 😍😍😍 still is the master of the BA/FM trainers. He is so very gentle and sweet with every newbie he trains, and in this case maybe even more gentle and sweet because Fabien is so very cute, handsome and captivating. The filming is very good too showing us ample views of Andre’s butt while fucking. Nice views of Fabien’s cute behind too. Andre lapping up and savouring some of Fabien’s love juices make the finale very special and just shows how much Andre was taken by the very willing Fabien. Wonderful scene 💕💕💕

c************ - 07/29/2020 7:30:18 AM

Delicious Fabien 😍

g******* - 07/29/2020 2:51:16 AM

Great scene. Andre is as sexy as ever and the views of his great ass as he fucked where magnificent. Equally arresting was Fabien's hairy crotch, his happy smile as he was being fucked and then his thick creamy cumshot in which Andre has a happy dabble.

J****** - 07/28/2020 11:20:17 PM

Wonderful hot scene with two of the best hotties. Especiall Fabien! I really hope to see mutch more of him in future. I'd be so happy to see Fabien also on Top, not only as bottom.

W****** - 07/28/2020 5:20:43 PM

Two good looking guys and lots of filming from behind. 5 stars from me.

n********* - 07/28/2020 4:39:09 PM

Damn, acquarello, the poet-in-residence of! Jokes aside, I totally agree with you. Fabien, with his beautiful and eager angelic face, always elevates every scene he is in. My favorite is always when he excitedly sucks on his partner's dick, enjoying and savoring each moment while looking at the eyes of his partner. Gosh, what would I give to be able to cum on his face!

a********* - 07/28/2020 1:36:18 PM

Wonderful! Between Fabien's thighs there is an incredible playground, an entire jewelery of golds and joys and precious stones, an enchanted forest of mischievous goblins and mushrooms and sylvan perfumes and soft carpets of clovers and buttercups in which to sneak in to discover the cave of the desires ... and Andre is there to love all that, exploring, and to take and give himself inside.

p***** - 07/28/2020 1:05:12 PM

Wonderful. I can hardly believe that I/we have been enjoying Andre's performances for 10 years now and he rarely disappoints!! Fabien's skill at riding his partner's dick while kissing him fervently is breathtaking. I can't get enough of him.

R************ - 07/28/2020 12:47:54 PM

Andrè e Fabien sono una coppia perfetta. Sanno veramente gustare il momento in cui il cazzo dell'amico entra dentro le loro viscere.

M******* - 07/28/2020 11:56:26 AM

Fabien is so sweet and gorgeous as always. Please let us have much more of him. Fantastic scene !

o****** - 07/28/2020 10:05:22 AM

Near a delight! Gorgeous and sexy pairing! It would be better if Fabien was harder all the time and came while fucked! The end is a little bit brutal! Andre is beautiful, powerful and young as ever! Fabien's hairy ass and hole are two true treasures!

s******** - 07/28/2020 9:55:28 AM

Baron Boleyn, der Meister von Cocksmanship, as is his desire brings out the blossom by expertly nurturing the delicate derriere of young Squire Fabien in what must surely be an unrivaled BelAmi BuenoBaise. Praise the gods for allowing us mere mortals to witness this peek into a perky posterior pounding in Prague (Valhalla).

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