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Allan Aimée & Serge Cavalli

Although his formal introduction is still some weeks off, we have a special treat for you today in the form of Allen Aimee. Bootcamp was his first major project for us and he was lucky enough to be paired up with the sexy Serge Cavalli. Allen seems to be quite the passionate lover here, keen to try out anything that Serge asks of him, so I am sure we can look forward to some really special things from him.

Serge Cavalli
Allan Aimée
M****** - 12/05/2020 1:57:47 AM

Allan is the most beautiful young man I've seen in a long time, and he seems comfortable on camera. Remind him to open his eyes.

C********* - 09/02/2020 12:38:45 PM

So glad I resubscribed to Freshmen. It's worth it just for Allan and Serge of course. Beautiful young men in the prime of their sexual prowess showing what beauty and sensuality there is in man to man sex. More please of both.

T********** - 06/05/2020 8:03:31 PM

Allen is a treasure!

w******* - 04/28/2020 1:34:43 PM

the more I watch this scene the more enamored I become with allen- so deliciously muscled and such a delectable bottom = hope to see more of this beautiful young man in the future both here and at BA

d****** - 04/19/2020 9:53:53 PM

Allan is incredible. Very sexy!

V************ - 04/18/2020 4:49:10 PM

Very nice scene. Allen does really well here for a newcomer and shows a lot of potential. My main problem with Serge is that he consistently practices what I call "fast and furious" sex both when sucking and fucking. Thankfully he does slow down at times, but otherwise it is just a blur and fury of activity. Allen on the other hand is slow and methodical, almost to a fault. I do enjoy the way Serge eats ass, full tongue and mouth engaging his partners sweet bum. Allen has nice round ass cheeks, as opposed to a bony ass, which makes for great pounding as Serge slaps against Allen's ass cheeks from behind. Unfortunately the cum shots were mostly a blur, again to the fast and furious jacking which is all too common with some BA models. But overall it was a well shot and enjoyable scene.

a******** - 04/14/2020 11:16:21 AM

Wow, where did you dig out Allan from? Definitely 6 stars.....

g******* - 04/14/2020 5:16:46 AM

Wonderful and I can't wait to see more of Allan. Serge is such a sexy hunk.

b***** - 04/09/2020 11:17:40 PM

Allan is a real beauty, such a pleasure to look at. He’s a very responsive bottom too, I like that. It is always a pleasure to watch Serge, such a pleasant guy and a good lover. Pity the episode was filmed by a cameraman who hates to film transitions in position, or for unknown reasons, likes to edit them out. The full five stars for Allan and Serge though.

w****** - 04/08/2020 9:10:50 PM

Allan/Allen has a very sensual and ruggedly handsome face. I look forward to getting to know him better.

s******** - 04/08/2020 12:39:59 PM

Allan Aimee je t'aime - You reminded me of a hot sweaty rugged Cowboy who got in from a long trailride who is visiting his sexy citified friend for a hot restful fuck. Allan you are heavenly gorgeous - those almost almond eyes gives you an exoticism that captivates not to mention an ass that demands a dicking. Danke GD for another future topstar in Allan.

d******* - 04/08/2020 9:36:01 AM

Allan was a very passionate lover with thick sweet lips to kiss and a very sexy body too.

D************* - 04/08/2020 2:51:31 AM

Allan Aimee is very sexy and lovable. I especially love his handsome face. Allan deserves a photo shoot of his own. He is very photogenic. My only wish is that Allan open his eyes more so you can see them.. He has beautiful eyes but kept them tightly shut during this sex scene. I especially like Allan's smile he gave at the end. He is a real turn on for me. I give him five stars.

t********* - 04/08/2020 12:45:44 AM

Serge is one of BA's finest models but Allan looks even more stunning! He appears to have good chest (and nipples) and a really beautiful face! This scene is something that I think will be a huge hit for subscribers! Bravo! The only nit is that Serge's kissing did not seem to involve any tongue, or it looked like the kissing was inferior to the general high quality of models.

u***** - 04/07/2020 8:13:51 PM

The new model looks great.

x****** - 04/07/2020 6:43:44 PM

What a sexsationally delicious pairing! Allen appears to love every bit of Serge's powerful pounding (and so do I). He's another great find by FM.

c********** - 04/07/2020 5:52:45 PM

Great scene. Serge has delivered many great scenes as an active bottom. Great to see him here in the dominant role although as usual too few glimpses of his remarkable ass in action. From some angles, especially in profile, Allan bears a remarkable resemblance to Adam Archuleta. Any relation?

R************ - 04/07/2020 3:30:25 PM

Allan e Serge sono due ragazzi da sesso in tutte le posizioni. Ideali per scaricarsi in questi giorni di quarantena.

b******* - 04/07/2020 2:42:53 PM

Allan's face and sensual lips are a joy to watch while he is being sucked and rimmed. He obviously enjoys every minute of the sex. What a gorgeous boy!

l******* - 04/07/2020 1:02:35 PM

Love Allan's blue eyes & dark hair. Great sexy lad with gorgeous looks!!!

P****** - 04/07/2020 12:54:58 PM

Allen is indeed very appealing.

p***** - 04/07/2020 12:52:00 PM

Allan is very appealing. He has a really nice body and he is a passionate kisser. I look forward to seeing more of him.

a***** - 04/07/2020 11:00:25 AM

Now that was an ass pounding

R********* - 04/07/2020 9:45:21 AM

Indeed Allan is a passionate lover. He pleases me very much.That sexy, boyisch appearnce is invititing.More of himplease

o****** - 04/07/2020 9:25:06 AM

What such a pleasure to watch my beloved Serge having sex with this lean pretty, very greedy, Allan! His enjoyment is stunning!Like the repeating end of the scene! Love beautiful Serge's thighs, ass and hole!

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