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Allan Aimée & Eluan Jeunet

How difficult is it to persuade Allan Aimee to have sex? Obviously not difficult at all, especially when Eluan Jeunet’s stunning body and hard cock are there to tempt him. As we all know, Eluan never misses a chance for a good fuck and today is no exception. Allan delivers his ass to Eluan and they both benefit as this wild encounter climaxes with two happy faces covered in cum.

Eluan Jeunet
Allan Aimée
V************ - 05/31/2021 2:37:06 PM

Nice scene in a beautiful setting. Well filmed. Both are attractive models though Allan has difficulty staying hard while being fucked (not an uncommon problem for some) he does an excellent job accommodating Eluan's huge tool. Great kissing.

t********* - 05/31/2021 5:21:18 AM

I was VERY disappointed with this scene. Firstly, I LOVE Allan -- he has BEAUTIFUL eyes and skin!! But, conversely, I found Eluan arrogant selfishness destroyed the scene for me. Rather than holding back and letting the bottom cum first as Kirk did so masterfully in his scene, Eluan rushed to pull out and then shot his cumshot directly in Allan's eye (even though I typically LOVE far-flying cumshots). Rather than reaching down and remorsefully showing empathy by wiping the cum out of Allan's eye so that he could see, Eluan was ALL about Eluan and pushed an easy-going and sweet Allan forward to suck his dick, adding insult to injury! Furthermore, his kissing was certainly not as passionate as Allan's and he totally missed the opportunity to suck and lick upon Allan's very sexy erect nipples! Even though I like Eluan's gymnast physique and his huge dickhead, Eluan to me, at least in this scene, just comes across to me as very emotionally flat, trying to bang out the job as quickly as possible and punch his timecard out to get elsewhere, totally missing an incredible opportunity that Adam and Serge used to great effect to produce much more engaging scenes than was done here. Two stars overall with five for Allan and zero for Eluan. I hope he approaches his next scene with more thought and a hell of a lot more passion.

g******* - 05/29/2021 3:26:57 AM

They are both so hot but I love Allan's muscled body and his thick dick. Always relish a facial and there was a tenderness from Eluan as Allan approached orgasm. Loved watching those sexy asses and they went hand in hand to the shower..

p******* - 05/26/2021 10:03:48 PM

Superb scene with two very sexy models having great sex on a kitchen table. However I found the ending with both models jerking themselves off after the fucking had ended was disappointing. It would have been much hotter to have seen Eluan's cum pouring out of Alan's ass while he rode Eluan and Alan cumming while still riding Eluan!

K***** - 05/26/2021 4:18:53 AM

To acquarello; what’s up you’re Ass ? No other site comes close to the content delivered by BA/FM !!. During this unprecedented year, dealing with Covid Lockdowns and quarantines, and I’m sure sickness. The team has gone above and beyond to deliver. Personally I pay my membership to watch the most beautiful young men in the universe do what comes natural enjoying their youth and vitality. I’m not interested in the lighting, close ups, angles or dialogue. Thank you George and Crew for everything !!!

d******* - 05/26/2021 3:50:29 AM

Allan so handsome, with Eluan fucking him. Such a sweet scene.

p***** - 05/25/2021 12:41:23 PM

Eluan looks particularly hot here and Allan is a dreamboat. I could watch him all day.

a********* - 05/25/2021 11:54:12 AM

Decadent. Week after week I am terrified of having entered another site, any one of the immense internet landscape. If it were not for the spectacular beauty of the models, even in the two scenes represented in this Issue there is a filmic approximation that makes it difficult to think of being inside the "BelAmi world".

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