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Allan Aimée & Adam Archuleta

Our sex tutor Adam Archuleta is so impatient waiting for his boy today that he decides to get started all by himself. When Allan Aimee arrives, the action immediately takes off as Adam is already so horny, he can’t restrain himself for a second longer. Allan is still quite a newbie but with expert guidance from Adam, they soon get into some very sensual lovemaking. Allan enjoys Adam’s body literally till the last drop.

Adam Archuleta
Allan Aimée
m****** - 04/04/2022 2:57:27 PM

Beautifully done! This is the kind of content I am looking for!

6*********** - 07/14/2021 9:22:25 PM

Master Class by a master.

V************ - 05/02/2021 2:12:00 PM

Allan is a very attractive model and Adam is in great shape here. As a training scene this is pretty good, but not as good as I would expect from a regular scene. I still don't understand why in so many of these scenes you do not have better lighting for the underneath shots which are very dark in this scene. I thought the kissing was a bit superficial though it was a bit better at the end but I think that is typical of Adam. I also thought it was too bad that Allan had to jack so much in the later portion of the film, but I realize he was working on cumming while being fucked. Overall a good scene with two very hot models.

w****** - 04/24/2021 10:26:33 PM

The strong resemblance between these two makes it look like Adam is fucking his younger brother.

g******* - 04/24/2021 7:33:21 AM

Allan is a hunk but with a really cute face. Adam is as hot as ever and his cum baths are legendary.

f***** - 04/21/2021 1:06:05 PM

Adam is simple the best! Love to see him in a flip-flop with Yannis or Enrique!

S****** - 04/21/2021 1:08:24 AM

Adam has become quite the hot beefcake over the years. Always love his signature cum explosion on some lucky guy's face!!!

p********* - 04/20/2021 9:39:45 PM

Adam remains for me always my favorite and he is one of your best joker he has a body to dream of he has a look and eyes to make you crack the desire and the sexual desire it is a pleasure to see him in front of the camera and not behind . it is true that when he has done scenes like bottom he is so hot and it would be a dream to see him in the middle of a ba, g gang with young models well mounted with their cocks that would be hot to fuck him in all sense of pleasure young Allan is absolutely cute and desirable he has potential in him his gaze and his soft and sensual eyes and makes you want to kiss him Thank you Georges for bringing us dreams

t********* - 04/20/2021 6:36:34 PM

Outstanding scene! Proves that Adam is still one of Belami’s very best performers with his magnificent cumshot. And, Allan is very responsive and cute. Loved the scene! Now, can we get Adam to do a bottoming scene with similar passionate kissing? With Rhys as top?

P****** - 04/20/2021 5:02:38 PM

A good scene. Allan is hot, and Adam can still explode. I prefer seeing Adam fucking than listening to his interviews and "critiques."

j********** - 04/20/2021 5:01:38 PM

Not even going to cum in his ass?

R************ - 04/20/2021 4:58:54 PM

Bei maschi!

h********* - 04/20/2021 2:56:16 PM

Aquarello is correct about this week being superior to last week. I like Allan, very cute, nice body, eager for gay sex. Two nice cum blasts. Nice kissing.

d******* - 04/20/2021 2:40:06 PM

Allan has improved and Adam getting to look more older like he is tired. Adam should practice his cum shot to the eye as he just missed this time. Allan looking more sexy but will improve with time.and guidance from his mentors.

S******* - 04/20/2021 2:06:52 PM

Allan looks far too much like Adam for my liking in this scene! Sorry.

a********* - 04/20/2021 1:38:57 PM

This Issue 237 is slightly better than last week's wrecked Issue 236. Probably a recourse to the past with Kinky actors in action is a relief from the unfortunate approximate (in my personal taste) more recent production. Overall rating this week: 15 stars to be split equally between the three scenes.

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