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Alek Henderson

Handsome Alek Henderson sits naked and comfortable on a sofa as our cameraman Claude Sorel tries to get under his skin with a few intimate questions. Alek seems very relaxed and open about his preferences and sexual experiences and before long grabs his dick and starts playing with it. We enjoy some close-ups of his hard cock and the joy on his face as he shoots a nice creamy load over his stomach.

Alek Henderson
F************** - 05/14/2023 1:34:13 AM

Fat nope

j********* - 05/13/2023 3:06:38 PM

Can I just echo everything that @takeshi wrote about more cute twinky guys on Freshmen? 'Alek' needs to get that birthmark looked at, it needs a good dermatologist and with speed. He also needs to lose at least 20 pounds and tone-up a bit. In other words a long way from being a suitable Freshman model.

t****** - 05/10/2023 5:45:37 PM

Sorry Not Freshmen material

K***** - 05/10/2023 2:16:11 AM

Alek should see a dermatologist ASAP and have that biopsyed !

J****** - 05/10/2023 1:33:25 AM

Not my favorite - sorry

l******* - 05/10/2023 1:21:20 AM

He's Perfect, that smile

g******* - 05/10/2023 12:48:26 AM

He's a sweetie: kind, thoughtful, nice cock. Claude did a great job as an interviewer: really empathetic on the right wavelength. Big cumshot!! Now really, who gives a toss about a birthmark?

g******* - 05/09/2023 5:45:04 PM

I liked Alek's interview. He seems very thoughtful and sincere. He is cute. Didn't mind talking while he was naked. Hope to see more of him.

e****** - 05/09/2023 5:31:31 PM

Well, he needs a bit of styling, I find him perfect as the «thief in the night»-role!

P****** - 05/09/2023 1:59:06 PM

Birthmark or no, Alek is just unattractive. (And welcome back, takeshi! we have missed your acid wit.) As for the wonderful Mark Laysson who was active on Chat for a few years as well as here, I fear we've seen the last of him.

t********* - 05/09/2023 1:57:27 PM

A turnout

t****** - 05/09/2023 10:02:45 AM

I don’t like the birthmark, too big. Not the model’s fault, but It’s a turn off for me. Also, I want to see more cute twinky guys on Freshmen like Bob Coogler, Jorik, Justin Saradon, or twunks like Mark Laysson. Alek isn’t at that level.

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