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Alec Morrison & Hoyt Kogan

Were it not for Alec’s high sex drive and wholesome freshness I might label him as ordinary. These qualities, combined with Hoyt’s sultry seductiveness makes the scene more tantalizing. For those inclined to bitch about 18-year-old Alec’s acne know this: I have at the ready a gay geriatric issue - all ancient, all condom-free, all acne free and all denture-free (to make deep-throating a breeze!)! After seeing it you’ll NEVER complain about pimples again.

Hoyt Kogan
Alec Morrison
m********* - 04/21/2020 2:53:14 AM

I want to see the geriatric scene.... I like the unusual, and remember, everyone needs some love

R************ - 06/24/2019 6:09:43 PM

Splendida sborrata in bocca.

m****** - 04/26/2019 6:15:08 PM

Alec Morrison is extremely sexy, nothing ordinary here!

D****** - 11/21/2017 5:11:36 PM

Alec is adorable, and I'm sure anyone inclined to "bitch" at anything about him on this forum, wouldn't exactly be kicking him out of their beds if the opportunity presented itself.

x******* - 09/29/2017 9:21:25 AM


c***** - 09/29/2017 3:11:32 AM

I just adore Alec so glad he made it...thank you!

S********* - 08/24/2017 8:22:36 AM

Pretty butt, takes it like a champ, fun to see.

o****** - 08/21/2017 7:06:20 AM

What such a pleasure! This scene is "un petit bijou"! Alec is a true skilled fresh freshman! Delicious nipples, ass and foreskin! Hoyt is the wonder we know, more and more beautiful and talented! Great direction and cameras work! Thanks!

a************ - 08/20/2017 6:58:24 PM

Alec has a great arse for Hoyt to fuck. A very hot scene especially where Alec comes while being fucked ! Hoyt superb and handsome as ever !

g******* - 08/19/2017 3:48:33 AM

What's not to like about Alec? Great ass (as Hoyt says), lovely cock and relished being pounded. His cum while Hoyt was fucking away was sensational and he ate a load of Hoyt's cream. Give us more of him please.

H***** - 08/17/2017 11:09:19 PM

Alec has it all!! He realy needs a younger partner with passion!

t****** - 08/17/2017 8:25:01 PM

Alec has won me over, for sure.

s******** - 08/17/2017 2:30:06 PM


t****** - 08/16/2017 10:26:42 AM

Will we ever get to watch Hoyt with Helmut? With no other distractions?

A********** - 08/16/2017 2:28:54 AM

WONDERFUL !!! I like both a lot..... Nice to see many times -- 100 stars with CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I****** - 08/16/2017 1:31:01 AM

I wasn't going to bitch about the acne... but now I kind of want to see the geriatric porn! Mmmm Acne! Yuck! What? Nothing like watching a well-done gum job.

r************** - 08/15/2017 10:33:20 PM

Hoyt looks quite bored and Alex is a bit spotty - still he does have a pretty ass.

m******* - 08/15/2017 9:36:20 PM

10 stars, wow wow

g********* - 08/15/2017 11:05:48 AM

I wouldn't call it acne either. like the performers, the scene was beautiful. There was such intimacy and affection from the start that I wonder whether Hoyt was Alec's trainer. and mentor. He is a wonderful lover, while sweet and lovely Alec has blossomed sexually since his casting interview as a shy, innocent virgin, giving full expression to his latent sensuality. And we're told that he's still only 18!

p******* - 08/15/2017 10:47:39 AM

I like Alec a lot. He's charming, seems to be very outgoing - and there is nothing ordinary about him (cute face, twinky bod - what's not to like?)... and akne? Oh, come on! I'm counting six pimples! That's not akne. That's simply blooming youth. (Or maybe your makeup artist did a very good job) ;) --- long story short: Alec is a keeper - hopefully we will see many more of him for a long time.

t********* - 08/15/2017 10:42:14 AM

I never cease to be stunned by the incredible beauty that is Hoyt Kogan. Alec would benefit from 1) some gym time to build 5-10 lbs of muscle; 2) a little longer hair; and 3) because he is so light-skinned, a much deeper tan (it does look like he does tan). Alec is quite cute and I really like his cumshot. The real star is Hoyt, who is tender and touching in his strong eye contact with Alec throughout the scene, culminating when he shoots into Alec's face, Alec looks up after sucking Hoyt's dick and, covered in Hoyt's cum, is very touchingly in his looking up at Hoyt- fixing upon him his green-eyed gaze. Five stars!!!

a********* - 08/15/2017 10:28:03 AM

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